Next gen games development needs ‘a new recipe’, says Jade Raymond

Better visuals and AI alone won’t be enough to satisfy next gen games players – developers must come up with a ‘new recipe’ for their games, says Ubisoft Toronto boss Jade Raymond.

Speaking in an interview to be published in full later today, Raymond said that the changing habits of games players and rise of PC and mobile means that large studios like the Splinter Cell Blacklist developer must look again at how it develops and sells console games.

“Our focus is still going to be on high-end, HD games but yes, we are looking at different business models within that,” Raymond told us. “It’s not moving people away from console versions as much as it is rethinking how we’re doing those console versions. So instead of, by default, saying ‘this is the recipe for next-gen, we’re going to up-res the graphics or do more features with more AI’ it’s also thinking – ‘how have peoples’ way of consuming games changed?’”

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Shadonic1787d ago

Not exactly for everything though. For things like splinter cell and Halo it would be best to keep very close to its core while adding new and innovative abilities to the players arsenal that doesn't completely dumb down or ruins the overall game play. What they did with splinter cell is basically that though. They added new way's to play and its definattly different but everything they've added or changed has made the overall game incredibly easy. IDK why there pushing for a move away from the classic game-play.

XB1_PS41787d ago

There needs to be a smaller influence on developers from COD. I'm 100% fine with COD selling tons of games and releasing yearly, but I'm not ok with other developers trying to steal the formula. That takes all the diversity out of games when the big devs just want the cod money, but end up making cod clones that everyone hates..

Shadonic1787d ago

Exactly! that's what 343 did with Halo though from what ive read most of the blame would be on the certification people or higher ups they showed it too. I'n a recent article they said that there higher ups just looked at them as if they were stupid when they demonstrated the classic version of Halo to them as if they didnt want Halo. I believe that influenced them there and also Josh Holmes is on a secret mission to destroy Halo so that's also there.

shivvy241786d ago

What next gen games need is uniqueness ! New IP's ! games that would wow me like this gen did with games like AC2, UC2, GOW3 etc

fsfsxii1787d ago

So stopp milking AC with your same recipe that you've been using since 2007

ThichQuangDuck1787d ago

She only worked on Assassins's Creed 1. Then left to do Splinter Cell. She wasn't a huge fan of the whole bukkake comic of her that came out a week before the launch of her first game. Gotta love the misogynsic gaming community that never grows up.

Anywho Spies Vs. Mercs reveal Thursday and Blacklist looks much more varied than conviction or really all other splinter cells. My favorite being the timeless Chaos Theory

majiebeast1787d ago

Wasnt she also for dumbing down Splintercell?

cleft51786d ago

Yeah she was, I am guessing that didn't get the positive response she wanted. No surprise there.

Az1mov1787d ago

Well have at it please ;)

kratos171787d ago

I would like to see AC move away from an annual release and give it a 3-4 year development cycle to make the game truly spectacular similar to how Rockstar handles GTA.

nick3091787d ago

AC 3 was in development for over 3 years and ac 4 for 2 years when itll release. Too bad 3 wasnt as good as brotherhood or revelations, but it was still enjoyable.

shivvy241786d ago

exactly, i dont mind yearly releases but it needs to be awesome ! AC3 had 3yrs dev time but wasnt exactly a charm like AC2

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The story is too old to be commented.