What's Nintendo's Big Announcement?

Now that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced over the weekend that his company plans to make a "big game" announcement at July's E3 conference, the gaming world is asking a single question, "What is the game?"

Being Wii and DS owners, Gamedaily too are curious as to what the big announcement might be. Here are a few of their ideas, what do you think Fils-Aime might announce?

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ChickeyCantor3686d ago

Hearing these marketing/hype things for a long time now, and most likely its something we already know...
but i hope for a new pikmin =D or something totally different.

blynx1823686d ago

The legend of Zelda : SUNSPOT OBELISK :P

danarc3686d ago

Super Mario 65!!!

I know it doesn't work like that :D

kapedkrusader3686d ago

Megaman...without a doubt.

Shigeru Miyamoto3686d ago

is Nintendogs Levorution,but keep it a seclet

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The story is too old to be commented.