Why I'm still playing Skyrim 18 months after release.

A passionate exploration of Skyrim’s world, how it draws players in and keeps them hooked.

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Ask1905d ago

I've got to say without mods I wouldn't still be playing myself. I've got one which makes you a random character which can live their life as someone other than the Dovahkiin which really adds so much more depth to the game. I love how every time I feel that it's getting static I can add in new elements. I fancy battle? Warzones mods for battles everywhere. Stealth? Sneak and warangel mods for Thief like elements.

It's a beautiful game too with the right mods. The ENB series just allow you to get you so immersed. Cannot wait for my oculus rift. That's really going to add to it.

SilentNegotiator1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I play it vanilla and I started playing again a week ago.

kalkano1904d ago

What mod are you talking about (play as other characters)? Does it just make you look like that character, or is there more to it?

Ask1904d ago

It's this and a few other little ones to tweak the world for you. I think it's "Not the chosen one" but can't seem to find it. I'll have a look and PM you the details if I can find it! :)

ATi_Elite1902d ago


Having the PC version and able to install all the great mods just makes that $40 purchase price seem like NOTHING!

Preparing to install the Skyrim Game of Thrones Mod.

Letros1905d ago

I'll likely dive back in with a ton of Steam workshop mods here soon, it'll be like a completely different game!

Ask1905d ago

That's what I love about Skyrim. A few little tweaks and it's almost like another world. There's a few Game of Thrones mods nearing completion too. Can't wait!

Mythicninja1905d ago

Sweet jesus, did you say game of thrones mod? I AM THERE

Hicken1905d ago

That's one of the things I DON'T like: Bethesda's games seem to rely on people coming up with those little tweaks for their longevity. Otherwise, the content is actually rather lacking, and repetitive.

To me, it takes away from the image of the game, when it relies so heavily on the aftermarket to reach its potential. Yet, for some reason, Skyrim and their other games are praised out of the box.

I don't get it.

Mr Tretton1904d ago

Look at all these disagrees by jealous console fanboys. awww, so sad. lmao

DoomeDx1904d ago

Says Jack Tretton. haha. You should support the console :D

Roper3161905d ago

Why I stopped playing Skyrim after 250+ hours. Timed DLC which turned into broken DLC that took way to long to release. So going forward I will no longer pre-order their games and just wait the extra year and pick-up the GOTY edition that will have everything on the disc the way it's supposed to be.

Minato-Namikaze1905d ago

Sounds like my gearox approach now.

strigoi8141905d ago

Coz you are not playing it on console..try playing it on ps3 after one hour you stop FOREVER! Lolz

MysticStrummer1905d ago

Nah I played it on PS3 and rarely had any problems. I saw one backwards flying dragon that was so high in the sky I could barely tell what it was, I had random townspeople appear in my house when I went inside if they were anywhere near when I entered, and I was unable to finish the Companions quest because a creature wouldn't spawn so I couldn't cure myself of lycanthropy. That's really about it. Not exactly game breaking.

It's so sad that Bethesda relies on their fans to fix their games and make them better with mods, then gets such praise for being a great developer.

cpayne931905d ago

It runs fine on the ps3 after all the patches.

aGameDeveloper1904d ago

I got the game on PS3 at release and had few issues (none significant), even after 200 hours of gaming - all of which was spent the first few months after release.

aGameDeveloper1904d ago

BTW, this is one of the only games for which I've gotten a platinum trophy - so I've encountered all the story and side-quest content. I haven't purchased the DLC, however.

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vikingland11905d ago

I played it for 2 months upon it's release beat it and didn't play again even though I loved the game. However That's going to change when the Legendary edition is released.

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