Pirated Mexico City Games Seized

The Electronic Software Association (ESA) is excited that a substantial piracy operation has been stopped in Mexico City.
The Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR) and the Agencia Federal de Investigation (AFI), with cooperation from the ESA, raided four pirate game duplication facilities and three storage locations. The raids seized 290 DVD/CD burners, 28,800 illegal games and 900,000 cover inserts for video games. The raid was in the Tepito market of Mexico City. The ESA hopes that this will help reduce video game piracy in Mexico, something that the ESA estimates could constitute 88% of games acquired in Mexico.

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killing_Art3718d ago

and I know that my Country is plagued with piracy, but its a fact that this problem its starting to decline very quickly.
I know a lot of people with non-moded hardware and of course original software. Besides, since current generation consoles showed up, the perception of the people about piracy and the way videogame publishers sees Mexican market has changed a lot.
I even heard that Mexican videogames market will worth US$1 billion by th end of the decade.
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