GTA 5 Voice Actress: "People Are Freaking Out… I Have No Idea Who I Played"

NowGamer: One of the voice actresses for GTA 5 has been discovered but there's one problem - she claims that she has no idea who she actually played in the game.

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Pushagree1849d ago

I really like how Rockstar is able to keep things so secretive. So many theiving developers steal thier ideas as soon as they release a new game, so it's pretty wise to keep the game low key until then.

inveni01848d ago

So many steal their ideas? Like who and what? I'm only thinking of the Saints Row crew, but I'm not super familiar with all of the off-brand games out there.

Chapter111849d ago

"I just read what they put in front of me."

That's quality acting right there. Gonna win an Emmy one day if she keeps that up.

ColinZeal1849d ago

What do you expect? She demanding a rewrite?! She´s a tool just like all actors.

HammadTheBeast1848d ago

Morgan Freeman would like a word with you.

TronEOL1848d ago

Wow, this is probably the most douche-y comment I've seen on the internet all day.

Truth1848d ago

What was the point of that?

theDECAY1848d ago

Yeah, wow, he sucks. He's reading a (probably) intelligently written speech he wrote earlier.


Adamated1848d ago

Oh no... politics AND video games in one thread...

This wont end well..

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Blacklash931849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

You do realize that if she doesn't know who she played then the most likely scenario is that Rockstar gave her little to no context notes or even introduced her to the character she was playing, right?

If that is the case, she was with little doubt just playing a generic female NPC you see plenty of travelling around the world.


Really? Don't bring that into this. Be an adult and keep the politics away from this gaming discussion.

gninja921849d ago

so wat if he brought politics in why must that topic be so taboo?

WUTCHUGUNNADO1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I do what I want.

"Be an adult and keep the politics away from this gaming discussion."

I see irony in that sentence.

Blacklash931848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Politics are fine in the places to discuss them. Here they can only serve to distract and cause flame wars. They're irrelevant and only detrimental. It's the very reason they're a common tool for trolls.

I'm saying be an adult by keeping it on topic and don't post things that can serve as flame-bait. This is no place to jab at politics or politicians. This article is just about a voice actress, for goodness' sake.

mydyingparadiselost1848d ago

Politics are EXTREMELY relevant to all gaming. Politics controls the laws regarding whether you can buy and sell used goods, the type of sales tactics companies can use to push products, the way in which workers are treated, whether something needs to be regulated or not, certain aspects of the economy that directly affects business like devs and publishers, etc. The rub about discussing politics in gaming is not to get inflamed over peoples positions and to be an adult about it.

theDECAY1848d ago


Politics are not relevent here. This is about gaming. If it was an article about laws banning games, then yes, but it's not. Stop.

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Dee_911848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

How does that make her a bad actress because she read what was in front of her?That makes absolutely no sense.If anything it means the complete opposite.Bringing life to someone without a back story isnt easy by any means, hell they probably gave her freedom to portray her how ever she wanted.I just dont see how that means bad acting.... wait maybe you wasnt being sarcastic.If thats the case my bad lol

DeadlyFire1848d ago

Sounds like she voices one of those pedestrians I tend to run over for cash.

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Tonester9251849d ago

Man let me voice act some of the civilians. I would love to run into them on the streets haha

GamersRulz1848d ago

random prostitute....that's the character!

C'mon guys we are talking GTA here...all women are prostitutes in GTA world.

Crimsonwilson1848d ago

Is anyone else not very excited for GTA 5? I was disappointed with 4 because they shifted from goofy to more serious. Sanits Row 2 is the most fun Iv had with a free roam game of this kind since RDR.