Digital Downloads is Key to Ending Used Game Sales

by Phillip Price

Can we all be honest with ourselves for a moment? Can we collectively agree that each and every one of us has purchased a used game at some point in time? Arguably, one of the biggest headaches facing video game developers is the loss of revenue do to used game sales. These developers toil tirelessly for weeks, months, and in many cases years, in order to produce a spectacular product. Sometimes these products provide only a few hours of entertainment; while others provide hundreds of hours of play time. But what happens when we as consumers get tired of playing these games? We want to make our money last as long as possible. We ‘stretch our money’ as they say; and we get suckered in by trade-in offers.

How many times have we decimated our collections in order to take part in one of these “great deals” at GameStop? And the worst part of it all is that when a game is traded in and resold for five dollars less than a new copy, the developers do not see one red cent of that sale.

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AkatsukiPain1820d ago

I think this solution is alot better then DRM. Its a good read & a reason why I think playstation plus is leading the gaming industry in the right direction.

Shinra Tensei