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"Soul Sacrifice is an excellent game with deep, rewarding fighting mechanics, beautifully grotesque artwork, addictive multiplayer and a storyline like no other on any platform."

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Rikitatsu1786d ago

This game is friggin amazing, if the demo is anything to go by.

camel_toad1786d ago

Makes me want to get a vita and I don't really do handhelds.

TheTrollSlayer1786d ago

You should by a Vita for sure!

Noami1786d ago

2 words! loving it! w been playing it since march its a good game if u like dark soul difficulty mixed w monsterhunter.

nix1786d ago

Vita is just too cool. when i saw the trailer of F1 i imagined how it's going feel to play on Vita. i picked up Vita and F1 (with other games) and it didn't let me down.

Vita is like having a smaller version of PS3 thanks to it's second stick. (never owned PSP). there are loads of games i've been playing on it since i picked it up. i love it so much that i want all PS3 games on Vita because i can play games everywhere.

l33t_player1786d ago

excited to try this out, been waiting for a new Vita game to get my hands on!

richard44811786d ago

Really looking forward to this game , excellent review :)

Xer0_SiN1786d ago

i admit, im pretty stoked to play this. unfortunately, its not gong to be till wednesday lol. im sure one day aint gonna be so bad ;).

andro271786d ago

playing jap version of this game for a while, it is great. it gets quite tough after a while, you need to select correct spells and have a good strategy for boss fights. some boss fights are really long.

Myst1786d ago

Oh lord sounds a bit like Monster Hunter.

Hanso1786d ago

this is nothing like MH
I hate MH but i love SS for comparison lol

MasterCornholio1786d ago

Yeah right this game makes Monster Hunter look like a game for toddlers.

Motorola RAZR i

Myst1786d ago

What are you guys getting mad about? It is similar in the fact that you have to think about what to bring to the boss fights. What type of weapon and element works best ( in this case what type of spells work best ). Sheesh people getting all riled up for nothing really...

Protagonist1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I never really liked MH, while Soul Sacrifice got me from the get go!

It is just a much better game.

rezzah1786d ago

Mh is a harder game, this game is simpler yet still hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.