Hideo Kojima Wants To Make a "Genuine" Zombie Game

PlayStation Euphoria: The legendary creator of the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders franchises has posted on Twitter that he wants to make a zombie game.

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majiebeast1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Metal gear solid 5 is actually a zombie game. Thats why David Hayer isnt in it. MINDBLOWN!

zeee1910d ago

Do it Koji! Do it baby!

After THE LAST OF US and BEYOND, my next most anticipated game is EVIL WITHIN! Even if Evil Within is like half of what the original Resident Evil was, I'd be all over it.

ZodTheRipper1910d ago

Resident Evil with Fox Engine and Kojima as director: win-win situation.

ATi_Elite1910d ago

IDK does Kojima want to make an actual Zombie Game or does he want to make 50 hours of Zombie cut scenes.

Right Now I'm enjoying DayZ as it's getting better and better as we approach the Stand Alone release.

Abdou231910d ago

I actually wanted him to make the next PES. :)

Walker1910d ago

Metal Gear Solid: Zombie Eater :| !

MasterCornholio1910d ago

Paramedic: That's a zombie snake it is essentially an animated dead body.

Snake: Ummmm

Paramedic: What is it snake?

Snake: What do they taste like?

Motorola RAZR i

DonMingos1910d ago

A Zombie that tastes like a Motorola RAZR??? WTF?

skeletons1910d ago

i just want kojima to make something other than metal gear

scofios1910d ago

I hope he does .
The guy is super talented.

flappersack1910d ago

So do I, but I don't want anyone else to do Metal Gear either!

ZodTheRipper1910d ago

Why? I'm sure after so many years of MGS games there are enough talented people at Kojima Production that can make a Metal Gear game without Kojima. He'll be forever tied to the series anyway but if he would just watch over the project he could help shaping other talented directors who maybe even could continue Kojimas legacy once he's gone.

Shuyin1910d ago


That's what he thought after MGS4. Kojima left the development of the former METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING to his younger stuff and they utterly failed. Resolving in it turning to MGR: REVENGEANCE...

abzdine1910d ago

i think it's time to move on to another IP cause Metal Gear is clearly losing momentum. MGSV doesn't tell me anything right now. I remember buying PS2 just for MGS2 demo on a demodisc!! No way i'll do the same again!

ZodTheRipper1910d ago

It's an open world Metal Gear, how can you not be exclted about it?
But I still hope that Kojima tries something different after MGS5, he's too talented to limit himself to one Franchise.

weekev151910d ago

Do we really need another Zombie game? The Last of Us is clearly going to be the definitive Zombie game for a while. Resident Evil revelations is actually a decent Zombie game.

Obviously there have been a few letdowns (Dead Island: Riptide, Im looking at you)but in general I'm pretty bored of Zombie games and feel it is a bit of a saturated genre.

I would much prefer Kojima to put his focus on ZOE 3 once Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are finished.

Pillsbury11910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Some people can't get enough and some are burnt out by zombies. Me I can't get enough: games, movies and media. I need moooree!

abzdine1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

i dont get your thinking, why do you think zombie games is a saturated genre? Look at Dead Nation for example, it is apparently "just" another zombie shooter but that game for many is great fun and brought a refreshment to the zombie games genre.

On top of that if you think zombie games are saturated, can't we say the same about human being or animal video games cause as far as i know there are waaaaaay more games starring human being or animals. All depends how much creativity, thoughts and budget the studio puts during development.

A genuine zombie game would be great, and i hope Kojima will finally move on from MGS.

....ran out of bubbles..oww well!! for those who disagree, say why please

weekev151910d ago

I get your point. I just feel that Zombie games are all a bit samey. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

I suppose if there is one person who can breathe new life into things it is Hideo Kojima.

LoveOfTheGame1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

@weekev15 It's not that we want another same zombie shooter, if people are thinking the way I am(that's scary enough), then they want something new or at least different than a zombie shooter.

This is why Last of Us, DayZ, and State of Decay seem so interesting. They give us focus points other than the zombies themselves, a "reality" element, that can make us more afraid of survivors than zombies. Open world, multiplayer, survival, and zombies....will take this any day of the week.


For DayZ I mean a standalone for consoles.

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