How EA's 'Silent Treatment' Pushed The SimCity Story Into The Background

The SimCity debacle that exploded all over the web in March has quietly faded into the background. EA's claims that the game was always meant to be a quasi-MMO and that servers were handling a majority of in-game calculations have become a lot less incendiary now that servers are handling the load competently. The outrage has faded, replaced with pockets of disgruntled users, most of whom are upset with advertising-as-DLC and major updates that make the experience worse.

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1OddWorld1852d ago

I am so glad I haven't purchased a product of EA's since "SPORE". Game was great btw, but their security measures to protect their profits is strangling their customers.

EA = Douchebaggery

5hadow1852d ago

Last time I've bought anything from them. The greed is too much...