10 Amazing Facts About the Game Boy You Didn't Know

Honestly, when it comes to portable gaming no one has ever really managed to challenge Nintendo. The Game Boy is one of the most successful systems of all time, despite the fact that it went up against technically superior portable consoles like the Lynx and Game Gear. It's had an interesting history, and here are ten of the coolest and strangest bits of it.

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eagle211970d ago

I didn't know it was the first system in space!

Moonman1969d ago

Everyone needs to read articles before

fairyblaster1970d ago

Am I the only one who FEELS that this GameBoy system is more comfortable to play games with than the Vita?

WiiUsauce1969d ago

I really like the ergonomic design of the GameBoy Pocket, and how there's ridges in the back for your fingers to comfortably rest. And the screen is much nicer and bigger than the OG GameBoy.

t0mmyb0y1968d ago

OG lol. Showing your age sir

r211969d ago

Barely? You mean outsold the GB by 35 million. Do not deny the greatness of a great system but none the less, both great game systems that deserved tons of sales.

Anyways, pretty cool facts to find. Didnt know Korea called it the Mini ComBoy.

LoveOfTheGame1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

How long was the GB in production compared to the PS2? Not trolling or anything just want to see how it did in the same time period as the PS2.

Edit: Just looked it up, looked like it had a longer life than the PS2, still both great systems.

Better question though, the Russian took Tetris, you have one handheld game to play for most of a year, what would you take?

r211969d ago

Regarding your first question, both sold in 13/14 years but the PS2 outsold it in the same time frame.

If i were to take any GB game, it'd be Pokemon Blue. My brother got Red.

Now seeing as i own a vita only, I'd take Gravity Rush. Game was amazing and a great buy :D

slapedurmomsace1969d ago

@ r21, maybe they did sell around the same amount of years, but they were two very very different times for gamers in terms of popularity, and the economy. Though both incredibly impressive.

t0mmyb0y1968d ago

The Russian took Tetris? The Russian MADE Tetris what are you talking about?

Swiggins1969d ago

Ahhhh Tetris on the Gameboy, those were the good old days.

Cool article, and I must especially congratulate the author for not putting each fact on a different page.

Very well done.

Eyeco1969d ago

Ahh the gameboy, I remember playing Metroid back in the day good times.

WiiUsauce1969d ago

1 person did not have good memories of playing Metroid back in the day.

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The story is too old to be commented.