Joystiq hands-on: Haze

The last time Joystiq saw Haze, it was being shown off at the Leipzig Game Convention and, not too long after, the Penny Arcade expo, with both appearances garnering mixed receptions. Seven months and a long delay later, the public were finally able to get their hands on the game again at the Live event in London. With eight pods for the game set up in two groups of four, Ubisoft missed a trick by not linking them up to show off the much-anticipated co-op play. Instead, the company presented an underwhelming single-player demo which never managed to really amaze. With so much time out of the public eye and with a less-than-stellar last showing, Haze needed to impress.

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decapitator3747d ago

"Ubisoft representative did mention that "as far as they know" the game will be PS3 exclusive"

Well, guess there isn't no point wondering anymore. It really is true.

Harry1903747d ago

had already been confirmed.
the game seems to be getting some attention.
now,let's wait for the hype machine to take

XBOX 3603747d ago

Joystiq is pretty 360 fanboy. Fact.

PSWe603747d ago

It seems that the game sounds kinda bleh. I'd like to play a demo before commiting to buying it. The timing is going to suck with MGS 4, Resistance and Killzone 2 appearing around the same time.

TheExecutive3747d ago

haze is coming out in May, a month after GTA and a month before MGS. it will come out about 4 months before resistance and KZ2.

ISA_Scum3747d ago

Who else wants to bet come the last week of April, this game gets delayed till August...maybe later?

Seriously, this mediocre wannabe killer-app isn't going to live up to the hype and probably will be pushed back again to "improve" the game. Have they ever justified one of the four delays this game has already gone through?

Danja3747d ago

it's Free Radicals 1st game on the if it means delaying the game until they think it's perect then so be it...i'd take a delay ne day over a crappy game...

and this game is gonna kicka$$ online....

meepmoopmeep3747d ago

yeah, i'd prefer a delay over a rushed product. i've since lost a lot of interest in haze. who knows if i'll get interested again. if my 2 friends get it i will as well for the co-op play, other than that KZ2 and RfoM2 are enough for my shooter needs this year.

Leg-End3747d ago

it's not like kz2 where it's been designed ground-up for ps3...

iceice1233747d ago

7s accross the field. With a few 8s here & there from no name payed off sites( More Sony review bribes, but will only get a max of 8 for this crap game.) Why did you lemmings bother waiting b3yond for such crap? oh..I forgot you have no games, that's why! AHAHAHHA

heyheyhey3747d ago

im gonna go ahead and quote you on that

so i can rub it in your face later

gambare3747d ago

is Icewake the alt account of TheMART?

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The story is too old to be commented.