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Nintendo Must Release a Pokemon MMO

Default Prime's Alex Carlson lets his inner Pokemaniac loose, explaining why a Pokemon MMO isn't just a tremendously profitable idea for Nintendo, but also an inevitability.

"It’s become what is easily the most requested form of entertainment that anyone has ever directed toward Nintendo. In fact, it’s right up there with the Final Fantasy VII HD remake in the “most wanted video game in history” argument. It’s not something limited to just giving the gamers what they want; it’s also a no-brainer to making Nintendo’s future in the console race much more stable and respectable." (3DS, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Pokemon, Wii U)

TruthbeTold  +   890d ago
If one of the duties that Iwata took over from Kimishima includes direct overseeing of the Pokemon IP, then perhaps it will happen sooner rather than later.

Nintendo needs money, and if several million people will buy garbage like Pokemon Rumble, then all the more people will buy a full fledged MMORPG and pay a worthwhile monthly fee.

With a Wii U/3DS combo like Monster Hunter, it would work well and keep the hand held powerhouses relevant.

*In before the:

'I don't want this, so Nintendo would be stupid to make one, even though hundreds of thousands of people play illegal, weak versions, and hundreds of thousands more refuse to play the illegal versions but hope for the best'

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SpiralTear  +   890d ago
Great idea there! A Wii U/3DS combo with a Pokemon MMO would be a very good idea, one that could generate even more attention and revenue for Nintendo. Hopefully this won't be a pipe dream for too much longer...

As for the "I don't want this" comments, I would honestly like to hear someone make an argument as to why this would be a bad idea. I just want to hear that side.
Ken22  +   889d ago
Big Pokemon fan here 23 and still playing.While this would be badass. The idea of a monthly fee would just blow me right off.The dam name alone would make copies fly off the damn shelf.
Sykoticz  +   889d ago
Do not know why people seem to think that every online mmo should be free to play. Monthly fee is a good thing it means that they will do sever maintenance,updates,balances and new content. Also there wont be a item shop were people can buy 60 rare candys for $200. Its a good thing it means people have to play to get anywhere in the game and not just buy there way to the top.
PopRocks359  +   889d ago
At first I would have said that a monthly subscription would probably not be feasible for a franchise that primarily targets younger gamers. But then the kinds of young players of WoW and CoD come to mind.

I think a Pokemon MMO would certainly be an ambitious idea, but nothing I am against. I say Nintendo should throw in the big guns and make it happen.
Utalkin2me  +   889d ago
So you're comparing a Pokemon MMO to PC WOW and 360 COD players! That makes no sense at all.
PopRocks359  +   889d ago
Actually I wasn't making any such comparison. I was saying that younger players of Call of Duty are always able to pay their Xbox Live fee as well as younger WoW players who somehow manage to pay the monthly fee.

If kids can play those games and jump over those financial hurdles, there probably is no reason they can't do the same for a Pokemon MMO.
dedicatedtogamers  +   889d ago
Nintendo needs a Pokemon MMO, because everyone knows that Nintendo systems are well-known for their excellent online integration and multiplayer functionality...

....wait, what?

A Pokemon Snap 2 makes more sense than a Pokemon MMO. Nintendo simply would not be able to pull it off. If they can't even manage to make a single-player Pokemon game in a large 3D world, how on earth will they be able to support an active MMO world?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   889d ago
Dragon Quest X is an MMO that runs on the Wii
and now DQX runs on the WiiU.

It's not Nintendo's servers but I am sure that they could outsource the duty and they use the WiiU's NFC Tech so that they won't have to use or protect Credit Card information.
TekoIie  +   889d ago
Not sure about an MMO (Would like to see it in action before judging were it to happen) although a fully fledged pokemon game on the Wii U i would gladly welcome.

In fact why we cant play 3DS/DS games in general on the Wii U is beyond me. Come on Nintendo! There are opportunities that will bring the Wii U back to relevance but your not taking them damnit >:(
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animegamingnerd  +   889d ago
i think the reason why nintedo hasn't made a pokemona is that i believe MMO'S that aren't big in japan just look at the sells for dragon quest 10 and final fantasy 11
Swiftcricket  +   889d ago
I can't speak for Dragon Quest but the mass majority of Final Fantasy XI's sales were in Japan and it is the most profitable entry of the entire series.
animegamingnerd  +   889d ago
i actually didn't knew how popular ff 11 thats it i am never trusting vgchartz again and didn't help they wouldn't give me the PC numbers
RTheRebel  +   889d ago
That WouLD bE WICKEd
a08andan  +   889d ago
Aww, I want a Pokemon MMO in 1080p, but the WiiU says no :(
Probably sounds somewhat like this:

Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
Wii U doesn't say no.
Nintendo and Game Freak just have no plans yet for a Pokemon Retail Game for Wii U.
a08andan  +   889d ago
I wasn't saying that. I said that it won't come in 1080p, not that it won't come at all :P
Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
Wii U can do 1080p no problem.
kirbyu  +   889d ago
I don't even understand how this would work. The Wii U's internet server or whatever its called isn't good enough.

How about a Pokemon game that IS multiplayer, but not massively multiplayer.
DonFreezer  +   889d ago
I don't know about an MMO but a full fledged Pokemon game for the Wii U would sell systems like no other.I'm not a fan of Pokemon games but since my childhood I have been expecting a huge Pokemon 3D game.
HillKrowns  +   889d ago
Yes! We need this on the wii u we have been wanting this for a Very very long time, first gen please
Well.... To start with lol
weekev15  +   889d ago
Agree that an MMO Pokemon may not be the best way to go. You just need to look at Dragonquest to see that this is probably too risky.
I dont understsnd why we havent seen a 3D Pokemon on a home console. Online integration would work as well. You could swap Pokemon with friends. Have an online coop mode and integrate a Pokemon stadium type side game where you could have worldwide tournaments.
Nintendo woilf be printing money if they did this. Especially if they sold figurines along wih it a la Skylanders (and I dont mean the cheap looking crap they are using for Rumble)
weekev15  +   889d ago
Sorry about the typos. On my phone with fat fingers.
tigertron  +   889d ago
At least we have Pokémon Generations, a fan made open world Pokémon game, but unfortunately it's still in development.

You can try out the demo for free, only 16MB.
cahutyzuqys   889d ago | Spam
Rynocirator  +   889d ago
I would rather a pokemon game where it's an action rpg instead of turn based, and the face buttons are your 4 moves and they would have small cooldowns...would go a long way to change the series up and make it fun again for the people like me who still love pokemon but am tired of the same game being released over and over again despite whether new pokemon are in it or not...not saying it should be a major release unless it sells well.
weekev15  +   889d ago
Not sure how that would work considering you need to choose which Pokemon to use. Are you saying an action RPG where you play as 1 Pokemon? Or are you saying only to change the battle sequences?

I do like the idea of a Kingdom Hearts type Pokemon game though.
Rynocirator  +   884d ago
You would use the shoulder buttons to switch between your pokemon and you would only play as 1 at a time. It would work.
Oh_Yeah  +   889d ago
No thanks on the mmo, paying monthly to play or free to play with pokeballs costing a dollar n what not doesn't sound good. But I would gladly take a console Pokemon game with the same type setup as ni no kuni with added multiplayer.
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r40k213  +   889d ago
The problem with Pokemon as an MMO is that it's horribly imbalanced. I have a friend who plays on some competitive online pokemon site and he's always talking about how this build or that build is imbalanced and everyone uses it or they had to ban some combination of moves because when used together you were unstoppable.

If they took steps to balance it out and put limits on certain moves then sure it would be a great idea.
Gamer1982  +   888d ago
up there with FFVII remake really? Hmm this is the first time I heard about a pokemon MMO and I cant count the number of FFVII remake articles I seen over the years on N4G. SO I would disagree on that. The idea would be great but Nintendo don't want to crap on there won doorstep so to speak. They worry it will hurt offline pokemon sales. Why you think they stopped making pokemon card games for portable consoles? Card sales dropped (purely as people got bored of it nothing more) They blamed the GB game and didn't even import the sequel outside Japan to try sell maximum cards.

Nintendo don't do gambles no matter how minor.

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