Save Windows XP! The clock is ticking

Microsoft will end OEM and shrink-wrapped sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008, forcing users to shift to Vista. (System builders, meaning those who do white-box PCs, can sell XP through December 31.) Don't let that happen!

Millions of us have grown comfortable with XP and don't see a need to change to Vista. It's like having a comfortable apartment that you've enjoyed coming home to for years, only to get an eviction notice. The thought of moving to a new place -- even with the stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and maple cabinets (or is cherry in this year?) -- just doesn't sit right. Maybe it'll be more modern, but it will also cost more and likely not be as good a fit. And you don't have any other reason to move.

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decapitator3718d ago

Well I know XP is till my OS of choice, if MS stops supporting it, I will simply just go Mac or just stay with XP.

GutZ313718d ago

I approve this message.

Kakkoii3718d ago

Most of the hackers will start making more viruses targeted towards Vista then XP. While we XP user's sit back with less and less virus's >:D. PWUAHAHA.

Kholinar3718d ago

"While we XP user's sit back with less and less virus's"

ha... I wish. It'd make my job a lot easier. Unfortunately it hasn't worked that way for any previous MS OS. Too many holes, even now.

JsonHenry3718d ago

I don't give a hairy rat's ass.

The same people complaining about Vista were the same ones complaining about XP.

Vista IS the future. Get used to it. Before you know it people will be saying "ZOMG! Windows 7 blows! Stick with Vista!"

I am about to make the switch to 64 bit Vista myself. My buddy is a hard core gamer and he has been running it for a couple months now with no problems at all and I can't wait to join the Vista community.

verb3k3718d ago

ubuntu is the future
Vista is trash

Wicked Sick3717d ago

What happened with M$ and their "choice"?

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gamesR4fun3718d ago

will own teh majority of pc's when this happens.

Unless sp1 is something miraculous lol

Kholinar3718d ago

Well... maybe. I run linux at home, so I certainly sympathize.

Most people will live with what they have on their computers now, and, if they get a new one, whatever comes with it. For business, we still have the MS Office and little business apps to deal with. Open Office isn't quite a solution yet for some.

People will continue to use whatever comes with their computers as long as they don't perceive it as 1) costing extra, or 2) impeding their functionality. Cost doesn't come into it much, because manufacturers hide it (I bought a nice laptop with vista for $300 before Thanksgiving) and don't offer alternatives. Functionality is still not there because grandma wants to run her geneology app or something.

So I've come to believe that people won't switch until forced to do so, or until there's a killer app on linux that eclipses Windows (besides security, since Joe User doesn't care) like Photoshop.

Gandhi693718d ago

95% of the people who use Windows do so because it came with the computer they bought from Dell/Gateway/IBM/ whatever...

If you know enough to build your own computer, you know enough to use something else.. (Linux/OSX)

ianp6223718d ago

I've worked with Windows, Macs (for video editing and illustration), and Linux (and Cygwin), but I still prefer Windows because I know that practically every piece of software I need runs on Windows. Besides, speaking as a programmer, Visual Studio was made for Windows and is the industry standard compiler for C++.

I still only run Windows XP on my computers though, not Vista even though I can get the Business edition for free.

Bill Gates3718d ago

Hey M$, your 360 is JUNK too, you should wrap that up as well.....AHHAHAHHAHA

BigKev453718d ago

Your out of your mind Bill.

Tarmgar3718d ago

What's wrong with just staying with XP? This just means they won't update it. But XP will still be the best.

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