Rayman Legends Challenges App Impressions for the Wii U

Last week Ubisoft released the Rayman Legends Challenges App exclusively and free for the Wii U as an apology to disgruntled gamers. Ubisoft means it as an olive to gamers wishing the game had been released earlier this year, but is it sincere in its apology or is the app just a painful reminder that the game is not out yet?

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MNGamer-N1905d ago

I think so far Ubisoft "gets it" with gamepad features and functionality. This game and Zombi, both great uses of the screen. I think I will make this purchase even though I am still mad at them for contributing to our suffering.

Nevers0ft1905d ago

If you look at my posts on here around the time I was pretty livid at the time (not at the multiplat side of things, but the delay) but I have to confess to mellowing a bit... Which is presumably what Ubi are banking on.

I hate myself for it and it makes me a hypocrite as well but I'm probably going to end up grabbing the game. I've already set aside my principals and downloaded the challenge app :/

weekev151905d ago

Whilst I was pissed at Ubisoft for the delay, I can understand why they did what they did and it makes good business sense.

This app is a decent apology 2 new levels a day and 2 a week every day/week till launch? Thats pretty sweet without even considering how ridiculously fun and addictive the levels are.

yugovega1905d ago

after playing the challenges I just don't see how it'll work on the other systems. they'll be getting the dumbed down editions for sure.