Divekick Is Genius, Pushing For Steam Support

Max Level "Just because a game has simplified mechanics, that does not mean it cannot be complex. Honestly, anything that's simple at it's foundation can be made complex since the base of such things offer you the freedom intuitively to make things so. Hell, I even made the first two sentences of a very simple idea I'm trying to convey complex to further prove my point. "

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MeatheadMilitia1933d ago

This is going to be so awesome!

Neckbear1933d ago

Looks like something I'd see for free on Newgrounds. srsly

caseh1933d ago

I think you're being a little over generous with that comment.

Honestly, I wouldn't eve pick this up if it was free.

1933d ago
1933d ago
o-Sunny-o1932d ago

This drew a crowd at C2E2. I was going to try it but my brother said It's crap. :(