MGS: The Legacy Collection has “Over 60hrs of Epic Gameplay,” Kojima Explains the Missing Games

Thanks to Hideo Kojima and the Konami website, a couple more details for the Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection have popped up, though the elusive final price point (I’m guessing $60) still remains a mystery. - PSLS

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alexcosborn1635d ago

What a great compilation.

doctorstrange1635d ago

Best way for newcomers to catch up, certainly

Kevin ButIer1635d ago

I really hate they don't include MGS Portable OPS. Even if it's not a HKojima game, it is canonical.

xHeavYx1634d ago

I feel the word EPIC is not good enough to describe Metal Gear

Soldierone1634d ago

I liked Portable Ops, but Kojima openly doesn't like it and is trying to rewrite that part of the story.

irepbtown1634d ago

If it's $60 (£40 here) then it just makes it that much better. I played MGS1/2 here and there never properly went through them. This will give me a chance to.

Quick question, I read through the Article, it doesn't include MGS3 right?
Slightly confused :l

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Knushwood Butt1635d ago

what is metal gear solid integral

RBlue_Desire1635d ago

Its Metal Gear Solid 1 with alot of VR Missions and extra content.

Irishguy951634d ago

Redone MGS1 with a few different things + MGS VR missions(yes the one where you can play as grey fox for a while) in one package

showtimefolks1634d ago

Even though I own all game it's a buy lol MGS my favorite series

TrendyGamers1635d ago

60 hours of gameplay, 120 hours of cutscenes.

Sandmano1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Lool they did over do it in MGS 4

jaymart2k1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Thats cause it was a movie 1st then they added some gameplay at end of development.

TrendyGamers1635d ago

Wasn't meant as a low blow, just that there's a lot of cutscenes.

Timesplitter141635d ago

Seriously though I think the gameplay/cutscene ratio in MGS games ranges from 2:1 in MGS1 to 4:5 in MGS4.

It depends on how you play, of course.

TheOneEyedHound1634d ago

3:5 MGS4, just saying.

Still MGS4 is my top 3 game this Gen.

Qrphe1635d ago

That's not a problem at all

CEOSteveBallmer1635d ago

Yeah cutscenes is not a problem, you can skip it but I think you already know that? and Honestly I love cutscenes. A game with so little cutscene is somehow boring for me. cutscenes tells the story and enriches gameplay experience. Hideo knows whats good for his games.

Wedge191635d ago

A few cutscenes are fine, but MGS4 had too many that were too long. I would finish up one section, expecting to be able to save and head out (oft times running late), and I would be required to sit through up to 50 minutes of cutscenes in which I could not save and there was no gameplay at all. That's excessive. I loved the game, still do, but there are more cutscenes than time spent actually controlling Snake.

-GametimeUK-1634d ago

Dark Souls isn't boring. Far from it, actually.

Bobby Kotex1634d ago

I've played Skyrim alone for over 60 hrs.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1634d ago

60 very epic hours. 80-90 if you play on Boss extreme (Like me) @[email protected] I actually drooled while reading this article. :b,,,,,,,,,,,

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dbjj120881635d ago

Honestly read that as "Over 60hrs of epic cutscenes" I kid you not.

ftwrthtx1635d ago

That is an epic collection

RTheRebel1635d ago

Limited Edition Or No BUY

Bobby Kotex1634d ago

Good. Maybe then you can work on your English skills.

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