IllumiRoom For Next Xbox Unveiled, But Can It Beat Oculus Rift?

FleshEatingZipper writes: Originally unveiled at CES behind closed doors, IllumiRoom is Microsoft’s big new living room accessory for their next generation Xbox. The footage that leaked out, featuring splash damage and other, minor details breaching the boundaries of the TV, seemed unimpressive, but in full motion, the coffee table projector seems pretty neat… if you have the stadium-sized living room that Microsoft assumes you have.

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DA_SHREDDER1905d ago

thats a tight thing to have but I doubt it will be worth the price

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Neixus1904d ago

oculus rift and Illumiroom is two diffrent things..
But I vote Oculus, has incredible immersion.

Urusernamesucks1904d ago

But at the cost of having your hole room wiped out.

Dms20121904d ago

Not my hole room! Thats where I keep my stuff!

_-EDMIX-_1904d ago

One is trying to give you the illusion of the other is actually giving you the VR. there really isn't much to discuss oculus rift easy.

Lol a protractor vs a full on head mounted display headset? I'm not sure what clown is choosing a projector. sure it's pretty interesting but you have to use a bit too much of your imagination to get an immersion. oculus rift is exactly what it sounds like. mind you this is just the first gen of oculus rift it only does 180 degrees what happens when the 2d version does 360?

it looks interesting but oculus rift is the real deal I just can't see how one could even compare the two

SnakeCQC1904d ago

occulus rift seems vastly superior

Boody-Bandit1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

The Oculus Rift is VASTLY superior.
I cant wait for them to be made available for purchase. I love new tech. Gotta collect them all. OR looks like the true future of 3D gaming. A OR with a decent gaming headset? Forget about it!

Loki861904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Occulus + Hydra = far more next gen than any next gen console could hope to be. Truly a life changing experience.

_-EDMIX-_1904d ago

agreed but who's to say that Sony or Microsoft won't adopt the same technology this generation? Sony already has a head mounted display in Japan.

but this seems right up your alley of both companies. PCs next gen looks pretty damn bad ass.

oculus rift is a day one buy for me with star citizen!

porkChop1904d ago

Maybe it's just me, but so far I think the IllumiRoom looks just plain weird and "off". I wouldn't want that tbh. I'm not too sure about the Oculus Rift either as I wear glasses.

Loki861904d ago

Has a separate set of lens for people with glasses w/ the development kits.

porkChop1904d ago

Really? That's not too bad then. I do like the concept of the Rift so I'll keep my eye on it then.

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The story is too old to be commented.