Metro: Last Light DLC is in Full Production, “We Think You’ll Like What we Have Planned!”

Ramping up the hype to the May 14th release of Metro: Last Light, a new trailer for the game is available for your viewing pleasure, showing off some gameplay and a little story.

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TrendyGamers1849d ago

I wonder if it will end up having the 5 DLC packs that were rumored.

dbjj120881849d ago

Since Deep Silver had to spend little-to-nothing on development, I wouldn't be surprised.

FantasyStar1849d ago

If only Uncle Bourbon was still around....

Salooh1849d ago

Can't wait to get this game. However, No dlc's from me. Dlc's not interesting nor feel right to me.

Skate-AK1849d ago

Have they shown the PS3 version? I wanna know how it runs since they havnt launched a game on PS3.

RevXM1848d ago

I do not like DLC being planned prior to the release like this.

Might be awesome DLC, but any focus an effort at this point should be towards content included in the game at launch.

Getting this game day 1 though.