Microsoft books LA venue for event on June 10

Microsoft has booked its usual LA haunt, the Galen Center, for an event on June 10. Neowin contacted the venue and discovered the booking, which suggests that Microsoft will hold a pre-E3 press conference the day before the show begins.

This isn't a surprise – Microsoft always holds a pre-E3 event at the Galen Center – but the company has yet to announce this year's iteration. This event follows very shortly after the May 21 event at which Microsoft will reveal the next Xbox. Presumably we'll get more detail on that system and new game announcements at the E3 event. Or we'll be tricked into some avant-garde circus performance.

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Automatic791903d ago

Can't wait to see what Microsoft has to offer.

NavydAd1903d ago

No matter what they do almost everyone online will still think its not enough. Everyone was pumped for the PS4 announcement yet a mojority of people still complained about what was shown even though it did a lot.

I hope Microsoft has exclusive that Sony will never get. It will be justification to but both consoles

IRetrouk1903d ago

I agree, they need to get exclusives to make the console really shine, as long as they debunk the shitty rumors about always online and used games and show some decent non kinect exclusives im in, and yes i do own kinect and yes i do think its crap, micro show me harcore games and i will jump in again.

StrongMan1903d ago

"I hope Microsoft has exclusive that Sony will never get"

They do. Halo, Forza, and Fable.

NavydAd1903d ago

The only one I like is Halo and gears. With Sony I love infamous, Uncharted, God of war, little big planet and Killzone. With that said they gave me a reason to buy day 1. I really want a 720 but I need them to justify my purchase. Hell I would be happy with a new Alan Wake game!

Jek_Porkins1903d ago

So Microsoft will hold the unveiling event on May 21st, then another event on June 10th before E3's show? They must have quite a lot to show off.

I think we'll actually get a new version of the Xbox 360 for $99, and probably at least another game or two for it, most likely Halo 2 Anniversary HD.

I'm sure the majority of the games wont be shown off until the actual E3 event, the suspense is hard to take, but part of me is also disappointed because there is no Nintendo show this year, I love sitting around and watching the big three go at it.

Minato-Namikaze1903d ago

MS holds this event every E3, I dont think it definitely means they have alot to show off, I'm hoping i'm wrong though. Competition breeds better choice for us gamers.

Riderz13371903d ago

Judging by Microsofts Last 3 years of E3, they clearly won't have much to show. Their last couple of E3's have been a complete joke.

Tacklebait1903d ago

ummmm... but they are releasing a new console... maybe i'm missing the sarcasm

Jek_Porkins1903d ago

So you are comparing E3's at the end of a cycle to an E3 where they have completely new hardware and games to show off? That isn't really an apt comparison in my opinion.

I'd say last years E3 in general was pretty bad all the way around, except Ubisoft. They all have ups and downs, parts we enjoy and don't. I mean did you love Wonderbook going on and on for 20+ minutes? I loved the Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 parts of Microsoft's show, hated Usher, loved The Last Of Us and God Of War stuff for Sony, Hated Wonderbook.

Microsoft obviously has a lot to go over, not only the new Xbox, but Kinect 2.0, games, features, Xbox Live and even Xbox 360 things.

Riderz13371903d ago

Yes and when they were releasing the brand new Kinect you people hyped it up and it turned out to be "not better with kinect"

AngelicIceDiamond1903d ago

Judging by Sony's first 5 pressers they clearly will be botching and faking gameplay and over promising on everything.

Every time somebody makes a dumb judgement. I will to, its only fair.

JoySticksFTW1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

lol @ people trying to downplay Nextbox E3 event

C'mon people, it's exciting

Even if you're an ultra-fanboy of the competition, it should be exciting to watch.

Sony fans need to admit that MS pushed Sony hard this gen. I firmly believe we have Live's success to thank for PS+ subscription service.

360 unified pool of ram lead to many multiplat games looking better earlier this gen. It seems Sony is not going to allow that to happen again with PS4.

Sony was sure to add features Xbox fans hung over PS3 fanboy heads for PS4.

Heck, I know I'm getting a PS4 first due to Sony franchises, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious (craving) new Xbox information.

ichimaru1903d ago

Your right, its not like they are releasing a new console, new tech or new exclusives to announce.

Urusernamesucks1902d ago

Just stop with that "las three e3's" arguement, its getting really old and nonbelivable

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Bigpappy1903d ago

M$ will have a boat load to show and it will be impressive. They will no doubt be a massive core games reveal. Those who wish to downplay the relevance of Kinect, go right ahead no fight from me. Just give the same disrespect to Sony's new camera and we are square. But expect a boat load about Kinect from M$. The TV stuff and integration with other M$ devices will also be presented in a big way. The console itself will have new features that need some mentioning. So yeah: there will be a lot of stuff to cover.

vega2751903d ago

I'm honestly hoping they bring back crackdown, a new PDZ and alan wake. Hell I'll kill for another halo wars. Cant wait to see what they bring with the he new studios they have.

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