Top 5 much needed Battlefield 4 features

The top 5 features we want in Battlefield 4.

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TheKingslayer1853d ago

Most of these features are a must. It's interesting that communication with other gamers on the PC isn't in. Should the developers really work on VOIP if it's not going to be used much? Wouldn't there time be better spent on really getting all the features already in right? BF4 is going to be Epic regardless.

willie321853d ago

How about removing the sniper class? I couldn't stand joining a match where my three squad members were all sniping. They would never move or go after the objective. Yet, I would rush the objective and could never respawn on any member remotely close to the objective.

DasTier1853d ago

No, the way to fix that is to take a leaf out of Red Orchestra's book and limiting the number of classes in a squad

E.g. Max 1 sniper, 2 Assault, 2 Engineer, 1 support.

I'm sure they could make a much better balance, but that just off the top off my head.

Rearden1853d ago

No way. Battlefield is based on freedom to play whatever class you want and how you want. If some want to snipe, so be it. It's one of the tradeoffs.

ShabbaRanks1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

As much as I hate snipers myself, especially the SKS whores and the M40A5 (with laser) dweebs who run around and hip fire I don’t think getting rid of the sniper class is a good thing.

When you stumble across some good ones who are on you’re team it’s never a bad thing. When I say good ones I’m talking about the ones who defend flags, objectives and push on with PDWs to plant spawn beacons when you’re being spawn raped.

Of course some camp on the roof top of the highest building in Gulf of Oman and spawn kill the Russians, but theirs always going to be fags with any class. Just like Assault dudes who abuse with the M26, Supports that troll with C4 and engineers that use StiGla’s. But I take any of that over playing Cod… Perks are worse they any of this, even kill streaks (one fag camping the whole game to unlock a chopper gunner and piss off everybody) no thanks…

BF all the way for me. In BF theirs gay stuff, but most of it always has a counter attack imo. But it’s always best when you’re with friends and use tactics to piss off the troll’s :)

KwietStorm1853d ago

I hate those players as much as anyone, but removing the class entirely would be the most unreasonable "solution" possible.

Jaqen_Hghar1853d ago

BF used 64 players on PS4
It's extremely effective!