The New kind of HTC Slider… Wow

From Mobilitysite:

"If you've been reading my incoherent ramblings for any amount of time, you'd know that I am in love with the Pocket PC Slider Out Qwerty form factor made popular with the HTC Wizard (aka i-mate kjam, etc). That love has spilled over into my current long running device, the AT&T Tilt. I am also very excited about the Xperia X1 coming down from Sony Erricsson."

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TriggerHappy3533d ago

This thing definitely just moved onto my most wawnted list. But i gotta admit though, I am torn between this and Xperia from Sony.

mighty_douche3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

These must be an american kind of thing, I'm not sure here in the UK getting that out in the pub would get you much more than laughed at.

It's pretty rad though, but I'm sorry iphone wins.

decapitator3533d ago

"get you much more than laughed at"...I thought the Ericsson brand was favored as hell?

LeShin3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Sry Douche, but I gotta disagree with you there, I live in London and I still get a few looks when I pull out my HTC TYTN 2 and use it like a laptop with it's tilt

......of course those looks aren't from women :(

......that's what my Nokia N93i is for :)

......of course they may only be looking at the mirror on it so they can use their make-up :(

Quickly moving on....yeah, that Sony Xperia X1 looks like the dog's nads!! Could be the only phone/device that makes me even think about replacing my beloved TYTN 2 (TILT, to my American cousins). The only thing my phone isn't good at is video playback.....which is atrocious! I make owners of the IPhone cry (My boss in particular comes to mind) when they see how many things it can do well.

StarieMichie3533d ago

iPhone wins?

No. The iPhone is just the gateway to better things.

mighty_douche3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I guess it's preference, I hate button heavy device's. It force's compromise, you either have to have teeny tiny buttons or a Zack Morris size mobile.

I love my functions mind, but we're talking pub here, and on the Oooooh scale, nothing score's higher than the iphone.

Oh and Monkey Ball's coming :) <-- Thats what you look like lol.... j/k

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Skerj3533d ago

Waiting for HTC to start putting NVidia's APX chip in their phones before I upgrade. My friend thinks he's hot sh*t because he has an iPhone even though mine can do more, he has me at a disadvantage when it comes to hard drive space.

Guardian0fPeace3532d ago

dude, just wait till june when the 16GB microSD cards hit the shelves, see who's laughing then, dude! lol!

BTW people, it's very easy to turn a windows mobile 6 pocket pc into an iphone, but with more features ;-)

Windows mobile 7 could blow the iphone away in interface, but I'm just concerned that since it'll be a totally new design and all, ms could royally screw up, but then again, it may all work out, they've never had a bad s crew up in windows mobile so far, just those few minor bugs that hardly anyone ever notices...I just hope that in the process of making the new wm7-iphones, the physical structures still include the slide out keyboards, those are essential for text messaging n aim n all that jazz.