Call of Duty 4 DLC preview and videos from GameSpy

GameSpy's day at Infinity Ward began with a brief overview of the Variety Pack (as it's come to be called) by Community Manager Robert Bowling. He explained that the team listened closely to the suggestions and wishes of the game's fans on message boards, in emails, and even via instant message. Since virtually everyone wanted something different, the development team strove to create maps that had a little something for each and every one of them. The four maps are very varied, featuring a wide range of locales, sizes, and types of combat. Like close-quarter battles? Chinatown is the map for you. Prefer laying back and sniping your foes from afar? Explore the vast expanse of Creek to find the perfect spot.

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njd823686d ago

I'm a huge fan of this game and I buy alot of DLC too (when its worth it), but this just doesn't grab me. I want to be...but i'm just not interested. I would have preferred some brand new environments and not ones based on existing levels.

This should be free in my opinion.

kornbeaner3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Agreed, All these maps are based on existing levels, even chinatown is a rehash. But its a rehash of a CoD2 MP map. The pricetag of free should be fitting but I don't see this happening. Like 7 million sold isn't enough for them to say, thanks for the support here are 4 new maps, punks!

njd823686d ago

Just hope the price is kept at a low then for the sake of every CoD4 nut out there (me included)...I think as much as I support DLC, we also have to be careful we're not getting ripped off and with the development team involved I imagined something a little more unique/impressive.

Thump19673686d ago

Can't wait myself Creek looks killer

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