Microsoft IllumiRoom Extended Demo (IGN)

A new, extended look at Microsoft's game-enhancing projection technology, IllumiRoom.

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Donnieboi1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

This is kinda cool! Not necessary, but it's alrigtht. I hope it's not too expensive, because frankly I don't need it if it is.

But I want to say something here first: IF Sony ends up showing a similar tech at E3 this year, DON'T say they were copying Microsoft (as people like to say that Sony copies idea's).

Sony showed of a similar tech in 2011, with the PS3, and I will provide the video below. Also, Sony filed a patent recently for "Panopticon" which is rumored to be a camera that can project at multiple angles. Know one knows if the rumor is true, but the name Panopticon was registered, and the name Panopticon would fit for a device like the one in the video I provide below (A kind of all seeing cell or prison/room that allows "eyes" to see from all angles--or in this case, a camera that can project from it's eyes/lenses at all directions).

Donnieboi1854d ago

Also, with 3D effects, or multi-angled camera's, look at what else this kind of tech can do (video is below):

JoGam1854d ago

Dude WOW...Questions...When the video started it looked like they was in a livingroom but when It ended, the room was white. Was the room at the start of the video real?

Donnieboi1854d ago

I believe the room was white. The bricks on the wall and the floor (if u look closely in HD and make screen bigger) appear to be 3d rendered projections. The whiteness of the room stands out all the more in the end because the projection ended, as well as the fact that they turned on the ordinary lights for the room.

maniacmayhem1854d ago

Because we all know that since it's on Youtube that means they did it first right?

C'mon now, the whole "Sony did it first" is more played out than the "media biased" angle. Who cares who did it first, it's about who utilized it and brought it to the masses for everyone to enjoy.

Donnieboi1854d ago

Nobody said Sony did it first. All i'm saying is that Sony was the first to PRESENT it to the public. So if anyone says Sony is biting MS, they will know better. And WHY will they know better? Because the video being on youtube goes to show how far back Sony's tech was shown (by looking at the date the video was uploaded). Of course, NEITHER Sony or MS created room illuminating projections. That has been a round a while. But I just wanted to clarify that Sony was doing it ALSO.

So curb your fanboy rage, because all i'm doing is showing tech Sony already showed. If that angers you, I couldn't care any less. The video (and it's date stamp) speaks louder than some guy on n4g.

maniacmayhem1854d ago

A lot of differences with what was shown on your example and what MS is offering to the public.

My point is this, this is what MS is presenting and no one accused or even mentioned Sony of copying or being copied. And do you think that just because a tech demo was put on youtube and "x" date is stamped that no other company had this in their R & D labs doing the same thing?

Maybe you should curb your Sony defense and enjoy what is being shown instead of jumping up and waving "THEY DID IT FIRST" so quickly.

mcnablejr1854d ago

wow look at the other dudes agrees,
n4g for you.

DigitalAnalog1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Pre-emptive defence is nothing to be surprised about considering that the "copying" arguments have been emphasized in this site for years. If anything, it quells off any unnecessary fuel for a foolish discussion.

Trying to be the middleman and deliberately ignoring such factors in order to present yourself as the Mr. Righteous is the most pretentious stance you can make. This is N4G, ANYTHING that can be used to fire off CLICKS and HITS can and WILL happen regardless, you can't eliminate the impact only lessen it.

Hicken1854d ago

I find it interesting that people can't defend Sony. As if, for some reason, all the hundreds of times anti-Sony articles and comments are somehow forgotten and won't be brought up.

Yet, at the same time, you won't be found responding to Microsoft or even Nintendo defenders, preemptive or otherwise. Likewise, while you'll comment on the ones you consider Sony trolls or fanboys, you're nowhere to be found when it's a Nintendo or Microsoft troll.

greenpowerz trolls and you say nothing.
midnighter(endoran) trolls and you say nothing.
ALLWRONG, NeverEnding1989, SDF, witwicky, DK286K, jcnba all show up talking unfounded nonsense in Sony articles, but you NEVER have anything to say to them.

But don't let someone talk about Sony, in one of their articles or not. Can't do the perfectly VALID thing Donnieboy did here and bring up comparable Sony tech- that people WILL say Sony copied- and note how it was shown off prior to Microsoft doing so. That's a no-no.

What's up with you?

maniacmayhem1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )


Again your hypocritical posts knows no limits.

I'm not a troll hunter and keep names of people on this site on a speed Rolodex like you seem to have. How sad that you remember those names and are so wrapped up with them that you need to call them out like a coward every chance you get and even in unrelated posts.

I don't mind a person defending Sony, MS or Nintendo, but to come into an article and deliberately try and turn the conversation into a console war debate is what I was referring too about Donnieboi. In no instance was this illumiroom trying to say or state that it was first to do this. So why the sudden urge and need to announce who did what first even brought up?

I know this is hard for you to understand since you are the biggest #1 cheerleader for Sony on this site. But feel free to keep calling out people in unrelated articles and behind their backs that YOU believe are "trolls".

I find it strange that there's this Pre-emptive defence for Sony. Nintendo copied Sony with Move, MS copied Sony with Eyetoy, and now MS copied Sony with illumiroom and all because of youtube videos. It's almost as if Sony did everything first before any other console. And god forbid anyone say anything different.

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Root1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )


Kinect apparently rumoured to watch you all the time

Coincidence...I think not

Cryptcuzz1854d ago

I think you're way into deep with the conspiracy theories my friend :)

Root1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

They said Mel Gibson was too deep in them in Conspiracy Theory....he wasn't, plus he saved Julia Roberts because of this

Just saying :)

GameCents1854d ago

"I think not " Well I agree with THaAT.

UnHoly_One1854d ago

I want this thing right now.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1854d ago

Dang! So you're telling me if my TV was 5 inches bigger, I'd have snowflakes falling outside my tv screen! I'd have explosions going off on my wall and all the other stuff?

I should of bought a tv 5 inches bigger.

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