Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Review | SPONG "All things considered though, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a lot of fun.
Its comedy works well, and will have you laughing till the very end, but beyond that this is still the average first person shooter that Far Cry 3 was and it fails to try anything that the original hasn’t already done.
If you’re interested in a few hours of funny material served with an average game then you should certainly pick his up. If you wanted something a little more than that then Blood Dragon isn’t the game for you."

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Chuk51881d ago

Reads sort of damming for a 7.
I really hope this game is good.

luoshuigui1881d ago

It is good, just unbelievably short, i remember there were like only 3 or 4 missions, you blew up a dam, raided some lab, then there's pretty much the final mission.
The game's style is awesome, just not substantial.

MAULxx1881d ago

I guess I will try the demo. I was excited for this game.

Sketchy_Galore1881d ago

I didn't want to take this review seriously but the Garth Marenghi reference means I pretty much have to. Oh well, it seems the only real complaint is that the game is nothing more than a reskinned Far cry 3 with some good 80's parody sprinkled on top, which is all I was hoping for anyway.

joab7771881d ago

He says it was an average shooter like far cry 3. If that s true I am down.