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TGH Writes: "There are many headsets available on the market, but few of them cater to a specific console – and even then those that are wireless sacrifice sound quality in the process. Sony’s Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition is specially made for the PlayStation brand. But can Sony’s impressive audio line-up transfer well into its flagship franchise?"

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JoGam1937d ago

YES, these are some great headphones. I never had a problem with them and they sound freaking AWESOME.

YourFlyness1937d ago

Just got a pair a couple of days ago. Excellent Headphones. Love em. Also love the integration with the app you can download on the PS3. Battery life could be better though

Minato-Namikaze1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Whats the battery life like? if i can get 4 or 5 hours then i'd be ok

YourFlyness1937d ago

Yea thats about right 4-5 hours with medium Bass impact

TheUndertaker851937d ago

It all depends on the features you're using honestly.

While playing on PS3 I use the 7.1 option at a decent volume. Bass Impact is usually set to low or off. In this scenario I get around 5-6 hours. Obviously if you use it differently you may get different results.

The plus to this headset though is the fact that you can also run it with devices via the 3.5mm cable. When using this option with PC, tablet, Vita, phone, or what have you the headset does not have to be powered. You can turn the power on to add in the Bass Impact effect plus sound options but it is not required.

It is also possible to use the headset while it charges via USB, keeping the headset in the action even while it charges.

Long story short, 4-5 hours of battery life is possible and then some.

strigoi8141937d ago

Where can you download it?

TheUndertaker851937d ago

From the Playstation Store. It's called the Pulse Elite Manager App.

You may also find it here


TheUndertaker851937d ago

The author is spot on with the price. While $150 may seem steep for a pair of headphones, these headphones will do that price justice by far. Plus if you look at other gaming headsets with similar features the price is actually very reasonable.

LOGICWINS1937d ago

I think the headphones are great, but I wouldn't spend anything over $100 on them. I paid around 85 for them.

Holeran1937d ago

I think you might have the first pair not the Elite headphones. The first set can be had for $85 but the elites have never been under $119.

LOGICWINS1937d ago

^^Unless you have Amazon gift cards ;)

KONAAs1937d ago

the downside is if you lose the usb dongle u need to buy a new headset sony dosnt replace the dongles

Holeran1937d ago

I just bought the Elites with a new copy of Bioshock Infinite in a bundle for $159 it is a fantastic deal. I had the original cans that Sony sold and these blow them away.

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The story is too old to be commented.