Toshiba takes on the Mac Air From Apple

Apple fans have been drooling over the MacBook Air since the company's CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled the ultra-portable laptop in January.

There is no doubt that the Air is a sexy piece of hardware, but it lacks important features, such as an Ethernet port and a built-in optical drive. For some people, these are deal killers. Fortunately, regular travellers in search of the ultimate in ultra portability have another, more full-featured option: Toshiba's Portégé R500.

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decapitator3716d ago

Toshiba making big moves after HD DVD. Good to see them on the rebound.

Tempist3716d ago

Not a bad machine over all. Little slow at 1.2GHz, but definitely a better machine than the MacBook Air.

Kholinar3716d ago

Hmmm... not sure what to think here.

Sorta Apples to Oranges?

First, price... 19500 South African, ($2400) or $600 more expensive.
1.2 C2D vs. 1.6 or 1.8, significantly slower.
Second, screen... 12" vs. 13.3" so smaller than the Air and not LED backlit. So inferior in that.
We have no idea how good the battery life is. So far the six cell this uses is vaporware.
Weight 7 ounces less than the Air, probably because of the smaller screen/laptop size.
Thickness .77 front, 1.00 rear vs. .76 at the thickest point...
Inferior build quality (stated right in the article, the screen feels flimsy)
Here's a link for a pic: damn, that's sexy.

Seriously. Just because something falls close to the same size/weight doesn't mean it in any way competes. If you want the ports, fine. But there are a lot nicer laptops in this price range that actually do compete with the Air. (Maybe a little thicker/heavier)

willymcd3716d ago

the thinkpad X300 is better!