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Submitted by anipop81 945d ago | opinion piece

Why releasing Final Fantasy Versus XIII as a Playstation 4 game makes sense

Bubblews: "There have been some rumors going around indicating Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been moved from the Playstation 3 to the Playstation 4. By having their highly-anticipated video game released for the next-generation system, Square Enix will greatly benefit." (Final Fantasy XV, PS3, PS4)

MariaHelFutura  +   946d ago | Well said
Releasing the game in general makes sense. But, hey what can you do? The people running the show at SquareEnix seem to have gone full retard this gen.
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-GametimeUK-  +   945d ago
I'm done with this game. I really don't care about this game anymore, the franchise or the developer for that matter.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   945d ago
And what if its such a good game and a success? as good as final fantasy7,8,9 and 10? Would you no longer care?
-GametimeUK-  +   945d ago
Well of course I would care AFTER they have proven they can make a good FF game again.
Temporary  +   944d ago
If the team behind this game can't bring back the old school magic then no one in Squareenix can and they will have failed one final time. This is the last hope for this company to show any kind of competence. Many have already bailed and forgotten them, kind of like me, but i still am willing to try this game if it ever comes out. I'd owe it to myself as a gamer.
iamtehpwn  +   945d ago
At this point they can release it as a Sega Genesis game, I just really wanna play a new Final Fantasy aside from the Lightning Saga.
WildArmed  +   945d ago
Hah, no kidding.

I wish they'd bring Type-0 over already :(
a_bro  +   945d ago
never go full retard...
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TheTwelve  +   945d ago
Ugh. This game will look so dated when it comes out.
Ken22  +   946d ago

I'm sure Nomura would have loved to have the game released already.But that einstein WADA kept taking people off the project and sending them to work on shitty FFXIII.Thank god he's gone now.Hopefully when can get some progress now.
ApolloTheBoss  +   945d ago
I hope so too. But we'll only see real progress when that bastard Toriyama gets fired.
SegataSanshiro  +   944d ago
You'd better not be talking about Akira toriyama.....cause I will find you.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   945d ago
I agree, Im glad and most of the gamers are. WADA just doesn't know what hes doing or what we want. Hes CEO, he couldve easily stopped FFXIII-2 and move on to other games like kingdom hearts 3 and finally finish versus 13. But Nooo, he didnt listen and instead will give us a "Trilogy" of FFXIII, he believes FFXIII is so popular but its the opposite. I can't understand why among all the final fantasy, the least popular gets sequels. Why not 7 or 8? or even a FF7 remake?

@ ApolloTheBoss Yes another one to blame is toriyama. He's so in love with FFXIII and lightning. I think shinji hashimoto is also to blame since hes the FF producer and also gave the greenlight.
majiebeast  +   946d ago | Well said
Do you know who they should put to pasture next to Wada. Motomu Toriyama and replace him with someone who can make a decent Final Fantasy, like Hajime Tabata. But sadly we will probably never see Tabata's Type:0, because Square enix doesnt like western money.
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Godmars290  +   946d ago
It only makes sense if they attempt to exploit the system.

If they can't or don't think that they can customize it for the hardware then they may as well make it multiplatform.
yewles1  +   946d ago
No, it's not. Too many promises broken from the 7th gen don't guarantee anything positive in the 8th gen, just more impatient, broken hearts, and more hurt wallets. People already one console for this game, why should they buy another to wait even longer? Financial hopscotch is not cool...
jc48573  +   946d ago
and it makes for those that waited 6 plus years for the game. be a little more considerate.
gtxgamer2  +   945d ago
My anticipation for this game is decreasing as time goes by, BUT if it were possibly announced as a PS4 launch title exclusively to the system.. I'd go bananas(despite waiting over half a decade)
BuffMordecai  +   945d ago
Its about damn time this game came out.
josephayal  +   945d ago
they will be leaving behind a 90 Million install base
Omar91  +   945d ago
I think the point here is to release it for both ps3 and ps4 simultaneously.
SuspiciousRobot  +   945d ago
I assumed FFV13 would be moved to PS4, possibly as the next standalone FF game, i.e. FF15. Sounds good to me, as it seems they have a solid foundation, based on the gameplay they have shown over the past few years.

Hopefully they retain the darker tone. Sort of reminds me of FF7.
Darrius Cole  +   945d ago
I think Versus could be a system seller for the PS4. Especially if it is as good as we hope it is and it gets into the PS4 launch window.

I (and others) think that has been the plan ever since FFXIII got lackluster results and, yet, Square Enix still surprised everyone by releasing FFXIII-2 instead of Versus.
DOMination-  +   945d ago
If it remains exclusive then I agree. A genuine system seller for Sony.
belac09  +   945d ago
i hope it will be on ps3 and ps4, i wont be able to get a ps4 for quite a while, depending on the price. but i ALREADY HAVE A PS3.
Kratoscar2008  +   945d ago
Nope they wont beneift, a lot os PS3 owners are ready for versus, there is no one waiting this for PS4.
Hicken  +   945d ago
I don't know if anyone is "waiting" for it on PS4, but it could well sell that console. If it turns out to be a launch title, expect LOTS of PS4s to be moved.

Granted, it would suck for those not ready to make the leap to next gen, as I'm certain MANY bought PS3s for this and other FFs(though it seems quite a few people are disappointed with what Square-Enix has put forth thus far; I'm not, but that's another story). But it would be a rather interesting move for both Sony and Square-Enix.

And I can't help but think that's part of the reason why they were on-hand at the PS4 announcement. SOMETHING exclusive- something big that people have been waiting for- is coming for next gen.
Kratoscar2008  +   945d ago
Well the reasoning of the piece is that it would allow for bigger towns and such wich i dont think versus is in shape to take more time for release.

PS4 can wait anyways.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   945d ago
Nah at least release on Both PS3/PS4. They promised it years ago on PS3 so keep ur damn PROMISE SQUARE.
Heisenburger  +   945d ago
Please be excited for E3...... please....


Hah. Though it would actually make sense considering they were at the PS4 reveal.

But then again... that would actually make sense. :/
Max-Zorin  +   945d ago
Exclusive or not, Final Fantasy is nothing without Hinorobu Sakaguchi
DarkZane  +   945d ago
The PS3 fanbase is a lot bigger than the PS4 is gonna be for a few years. Unless of course, they take like 7 years into the PS4's life to release it.
SnipeySnake  +   945d ago
"Why I want to justify my PS4 purchase and don't care about the game's success."
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ACEMANWISE  +   945d ago
Final Fantasy XIII Versus was announced to silence the uproar over their multiplatform move. It makes little sense to offer an exclusive after that.

Think about it. During this same time period they released a Final Fantasy Vll game video with updated graphics and stirred up the hopes of a remake only to announce it as a tech demo. Why would they do something like that and then show the public? They knew there was too much work put into it for them to be screwing around.

My guess is they used the FFVII tech demo to stir up pubicity and used FFVersus as some form of damage control. If they were going to release it they wouldn't wait 6 years with the end of this generation 6 months away. There also wouldn't be a FFXIV already.
Agent_hitman  +   945d ago
Makes sense to me since PS4 has plenty of memory than PS3, that's a fact.

SE already told us that Versus 13 is a Sandbox based or Open world genre, meaning it will require a lot of memory to render at least 1080p. Developers can tweak the PS4 version and put more MLAA, texture, Anisotropic filter, Tessellation etc etc. with the help of a super fast GDDR5 memory.
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Kennytaur  +   945d ago
It could be open world, but it won't be sandbox. I really would prefer it to be Ps4 at this point, if only so it can look as close as possible to the footage we've seen.
WitWolfy  +   945d ago
Aaahh the mythical FF13VS... Its existence is almost as plausible as its screenshots...

I never expected it to release ever, and at this rate I dont think it EVER will!
shaun mcwayne  +   945d ago
I just dont want to die of old age before this game gets released.
VTKC  +   945d ago
by the time this game comes out. Either no ones going to know what it is because all the fans would of all died of old age or some other long ago. OR its the Duke Nukem syndrome again where there are way better games out there by that time.

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