Sessler's ...Something: What I Want from the Next Xbox

Rev:This week on Sessler's ...Something, we finally saw the announcement of the announcement of the next Xbox! All (or, at least some) will be revealed on May 21st, but until then, why don't we speculate wildly? What do you want to see in the next Xbox?

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NYC_Gamer1972d ago

I want MS to start making use of all the studios they own by having them all produce quality software

StrongMan1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Exactly. I keep hearing "MS have 21 first party studios" but all I ever see them release is Halo, Forza, and Fable. That's 3 studios, what are the other 18 studios doing and how much of it is Kinect kiddy games?

EDIT: Just googled these "21 MS studios" and most of them have never developed a game before and most of the others developed Kinect kiddy games.

ApolloTheBoss1972d ago

LMAO not a good sign if you ask me.

DOMination-1972d ago

They are all pretty much new within the last 18 months. Thats why MS have relied on said franchises. Only 5 or 6 have been kinect/casual studios. Imo thats ok as it leaves a good 15 for good stuff. Most still need to prove it though. Lets see on the 21st if they are any good..

HyperBear1972d ago

Hmmm....May 21st and 21 Microsoft owned Game Studios??? coincidence perhaps??

Maybe Microsoft reveals/showcases 1 Studio every day up until the 21st, and then reveal every single Next-Gen Xbox game they are currently working on...Hmmm

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NeverEnding19891972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Think about all those studios who were shut down in the last few years. Team Bondi, Pandemic, THQ, Midway Games, LucasArts, Ensemble, just to name a few.

Microsoft's new studios are all hiring and all these veteran devs are looking for work. These no name new studios will quickly be producing quality games.

Next gen is all about games for me, and by the looks of it SONY can't compete with Microsoft's 21 first party studios all working towards the next Xbox.

JP13691972d ago


Baseless argument based on the assumption that all the talent from said studios went to MS. When a studio closes down, everyone is watching and waiting to see whose talents can be utilized, not just the one's in MS' employ. Even if every single one of those people did go to MS (To be clear, that would never happen) what you're left with are people who ran their own studios into the ground. Not exactly the best foundation for a new studio in desperate need of guidance. To say that they will somehow be able to even compete with the proven (key word, there) studios from Sony is just ridiculous and brands you as nothing more than a delusional fanboy at best, and an illogical moron at worst. Good luck with that.

omi25p1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Black Tusk Studios – Untitled Project - (an unannounced next generation title)

Microsoft Studios Victoria – Untitled Project

Platform Next Studios – Next generation core title

Playful Learning – Next generation family project

Skybox Sports – Next generation sports project

Connected Experiences – Untitled Project – Design Large scale multiplayer title and help other first party studios

Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Next generation fitness project - Original IP

Microsoft Studios – Los Angeles – Next generation core cinematic title

Lionhead Studios – Fable series, Black & White series, Unannounced MMO-like New IP - (2 team studio - Concurrent development of Fable: The Journey, Fable Heroes and an unannounced next generation title)

343 Industries – Halo series

Microsofts Studio Activity in 2012:

Phil Harrison, the former Sony world wide studios head joins Microsoft as head of Microsoft European Studios and IEB.[15]

Microsoft Studios recruits for new development studios in Redmond — Microsoft Studios - Playful Learning.[16]

Microsoft Studios recruits for new development studios in Redmond — Microsoft Studios - The Connected Experiences.[17]

Microsoft Studios acquires developer Press Play, known for developing Tentacles and Max & the Magic Marker.[18]

Microsoft Studios announces plans to expand Microsoft Studios Victoria to between 80-100 people.[19]

Microsoft reveals the final name of their sports entertainment development studio - Skybox Sports - in a recruitment release.[20]

Microsoft reveals plans to open a new games development studio in London, England to develop various free-to-play, online and social games for Xbox platforms.[21]

Microsoft downsizes Microsoft Studios - Vancouver due to cancellation of Kinect family title "Project Columbia" and announces ongoing development of free-to-play PC title, Microsoft Flight has ceased due to portfolio evaluation.[22]

Microsoft Studios Vancouver is officially renamed Black Tusk Studios. They aim to create Microsoft Studios' next big IP to rival their most successful series, Halo.

Microsoft recruits for a new development studio in Los Angeles, California to develop interactive Televised Entertainment for Microsoft platforms - Microsoft Studios - LA.[

They opened 8 new studios last year, All that have 50-200 employees. What do you think those employees have being doing for nearly a year.

Microsoft have also said 6 of those studios are working on CORE games for the CORE fanbase.

Why is this real news not on N4G. Instead we get more GTA V speculation, Bitching articles about the next Xbox and praise articles for the ps4. No actually news.

JoySticksFTW1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

MS has the studios, but as someone pointed out many are relatively new or only began production of games for 720 somewhat recently.

There are nasty delay rumors circulating also, that were backed by some real deal Neogaf heavy-hitters.

Here's the thread which states hardware issues (beta kits running too hot) and games development behind schedule.

I wouldn't take it as gospel, but it is worrying when some of the "confirmation" is coming from multiple gaffers with a solid track record of leaks.

An interesting read for those who can't get enough next-gen information.

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Saleem1011972d ago

Microsoft has nothing to offer me ill be buying ps4...

TechOne1972d ago

or you could wait till May 21/E3 and then make a decision.

Minato-Namikaze1972d ago

Maybe he's basing it off the last 3 years?

aquamala1972d ago

why comment on an article titled "What I Want from the Next Xbox" if you are never getting one?

Number-Nine1972d ago

i want a gaming console first with better exclusives

sway_z1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )


Don't prematurely discount the next Xbox.

I too am getting a PS4.

I have always preferred PS Games, but it is silly to write off those '21 Studios' until after 21/05 and we know what they can bring to the table for MSFT.

343 Studios hadn't made a game prior to Halo 4 and they did an excellent job.

Save the flames/praise for the reveal....

Z5011972d ago

can't watch the vid atm. what is he talking about?

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