Metal Gear Mystery Seems to Backfire on Longtime Voice Actor

Sometimes hype can lead to celebration and an intense feeling of euphoria. Sometimes however hype can lead to crippling depression and crushed dreams. Mr. Oni has pertained to the second option in a display that simply states that... People might have been had.

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Ken221907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Well we've all been fooled.It's fake -_-.

Nate-Dog1907d ago

The person that submitted this article is the one that made the videos lol.

Batzi1907d ago

what are you talking about? xD

Nate-Dog1907d ago


"OnigawaraV 3 hours ago

I am ahker88 and Batzi from IGN boards and Neogaf. I didn't do this to troll you or just to have fun. I did it to prove a point which I will explain in detail later. The purpose of this new video was to simply debunk the previous one and make it go from 80% legit to 80% fake. Again it was intentional and I was doing my own voice not David's voice. You will understand when I explain Project Deception to you guys. Please be patient and stop the hate. :)"

DeadManMcCarthy1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Not only does he deceive us with that video, but he also tricks us into giving him hits on his site.

Donnieboi1907d ago Show
Batzi1907d ago

I did not write the article and the site is not mine. I just submitted the article on N4G like I usually do with other articles. I don't understand why all this hate. Be mature about it and accept it. I will soon post a thorough explanation of why I did what I did. I did not do it to troll anyone.

steve30x1906d ago Show
RumbleFish1906d ago

Please sign the petition:

Even if You don't want to play the game on PC, there are people who want to play the game on PC. If there was a PC exclusive game You want to play on console I would sign Your petition! Peace!

Nate-Dog1906d ago

Come on guys he was just having a laugh, besides he's done nothing wrong bar trolling people over the internet, if anything it's impressive (and at the same time pathetic) how much attention a simple video like this got.

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PopRocks3591907d ago

Bad enough that David Hayter has no more of an idea than the fans do. Did the voice in the video really have to be so bad? This voice sounds like something I would hear in a Newgrounds parody.

Eamon1907d ago

It was so obviously fake from the start. I can't believe people actually fell for it.

listenkids1907d ago

I took the time to stop what I was doing, sign in on my phone. Just to say how bad that video was, because it was bad. That voice, was bad.



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