Why the Wii U Is Destined to Become the Next Sega Dreamcast's Dave Walsh examines the parallels between Sega's ill-fated Dreamcast console and Nintendo's Wii U. Both systems launched to a lot of fanfare but quickly fell off of the radar, what does this mean for Nintendo?

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Jackhass1631d ago

Well, I liked the Dreamcast, so I won't complain if the Wii U goes down that path.

MariaHelFutura1631d ago

The Dreamcast had amazing software, the Wii U doesn't (yet anyway).

kirbyu1631d ago

"The Dreamcast had amazing software"

No it didn't.

MariaHelFutura1631d ago

O, Yes it did. Wii U owners (not psychos) would love to have a game like Powerstone or Skies Of Arcadia versus getting 1-2 year old multiplatform ports.

cervantes991631d ago

Ahh - the Dreamcast had amazing software. That was a great system.

darkequitus1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Ikaruga, Banai-o, Chu chu rocket, MSR, Shenmue II

imXify1631d ago

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

MasterCornholio1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I still have very fond memories of phatasy star online on the Dreamcast.


Nintendo fan in denial how typical. Look the Dreamcast had some amazing games something that your precious Nintendoy system doesn't have at the moment. Which is why it could go down as one of the worst platforms in history if Nintendo doesn't start cranking out quality games for it. Nintendo fans keep saying that good games take time to make. But how much time is acceptable?

The Wii U will be called the delay U if Nintendo doesn't up their production.

Motorola RAZR i

Marceles1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Lol @kirbyu, Dreamcast's first party titles is probably the most underrated of any gen. The problem with Dreamcast was most third party games were put on PS2, but in terms of their first party games they were pretty amazing at the time, and still hold up.

Dreamcast was the system mostly for sports and arcade perfect games, but it had some great unexpected surprises on it since everyone had their sights set on PS2.

Personally I think Dreamcast couldn't have done any better from their reputation with past consoles which is why not every developer was solld on it, but made a great effort. Unlike the WiiU where Nintendo always had a great reputation, but their handheld business is strongly overtaking the home console side at the moment.

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chadboban1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Who the hell writes this crap? It wasn't one failed console that killed Sega as a console maker, it was a string of them. the Saturn, Sega Nomad, the 32X, the Sega CD and The Gamegear didn't do well at all compared to their competitors.

Now I love my Dreamcast (the thing still works to this day as a matter of fact), but comparing it to the Wii U let alone saying that the Wii U will be Nintendo's downfall as a console maker is just plain ridiculous not to mention too damn early to tell. Nintendo hasn't had a failed console since the Virtual Boy (for the uninformed, despite selling less than their competitors both the Gamecube and N64 were profitable systems).

TruthbeTold1631d ago

Agreed. Plain ridiculous.

Silly fanboys who want Nintendo to make their games 3rd party for their favorite console, or just disappear actually believe this crap, write articles, agree with each other, and come to a tiny circle jerk consensus that it's the truth.

Only on the internet...

MEsoJD1631d ago

The Dreamcast had games I wanted to play.

nerdkiller1631d ago

i wish nintendo would do the rumored console from a few years ago, nintendo revolution

Myst1631d ago

That had a better name than Wii as well :(.

joab7771631d ago

Is this a crazy idea? Scrap the wiiU and start again. They blew a golden opportunity to get the jump so I don't know if it would even be possible. I just don't know why u wouldn't creat anext gen console with a ton of software lined up. With a year jump they coukda seriously put the hurtin on MS and Sony.

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PopRocks3591631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"The Wii U could be the end of Nintendo has a home console maker, much like the Dreamcast was the end of Sega’s run."

Sega lost a bunch of money on previous hardware endeavors. Nintendo has not and as long as they can keep making profits on consoles, I don't see them dropping out of that race, no matter how much 'intermanet germalists' seem to desire it.

I don't see why this author has written this article about the console with such certainty. The Wii U hasn't even been out a year yet. Hell, it doesn't even have its big name titles out yet (probably its largest drawback in the market right now).

dvewlsh1631d ago

The Dreamcast had the plug pulled after two years. Nintendo has lost money two years in a row now with things not looking better.

Obviously nothing is certain, but there are some interesting parallels.

PopRocks3591631d ago

The first loss they took was around half a billion in dollars. The loss they recently took was less than half of that! I know, a loss is a loss, but how is taking a much smaller loss not better than before?

I see very few parallels between the Wii U and the Dreamcast. Rampant piracy is not hurting the Wii U and Nintendo has not seen a string of hardware failures that caused them to lose more than they took in. The Wii U is having a bad first year. I don't see any reason why Nintendo can't change the pace to make the following years better like they did with the 3DS.

Utalkin2me1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

"The Wii U is having a bad first year. I don't see any reason why Nintendo can't change the pace to make the following years better like they did with the 3DS"

Well the 3ds didn't really have as strong of competition. Unlike WiiU, it will be going up against a strong MS and Sony console.

lilbroRx1631d ago

What are you talking about? They just posted profit and the value of their stocks has recently increased.

Also, you are excluding many relevant details and other aspects like the ones PopRocks pointed out.

Realplaya1631d ago

@ Utalkin2me Are you insane the 3ds had the vita to contend with, the ipad , ipod,iphone galxy note, Sg3, Note, Note 10.1 smart shield. Damn do I need to continue?

smoothdude1631d ago

I love the fact that the system is under powered as it means that you can emulate it on a computer. The dolphin emulator enhances the Wii experience, and as such I play my favorite Nintendo games on the computer.

That being said, I do believe that piracy is a problem for Nintendo. Their games are easy to find on torrent sites :)

Utalkin2me1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Really your comparing phones and ipads to a portable console strictly for gaming? It is totally 2 different markets guy. That would be like like comparing Pc gaming and console gaming, totally 2 different markets. Need i say more?

Maybe you missed the part where i quoted him and made a reply....jesus you guys.

jcnba281631d ago

You think Nintendo are in trouble financially? They have billions in the bank from the DS and Wii sales. Nintendo are the richest gaming division in the world. Sony are the ones we need to be worried about.

Adamated1631d ago

@Utalkin2me - It's all about how narrowly you define their market. For me personally, I returned my DSi for an ipod touch and never regretted that decision.

You make a valid point though, that you can't ambiguously compare these categories of phones and portable consoles. However, let's not be ignorant to think that these devices do not play a huge factor in the sales of portable consoles.

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Qrphe1631d ago

No, Gamecube if anything

LOL_WUT1631d ago

Which is pretty much up their with the Dreamcast in my humble opinion ;)

Qrphe1631d ago

The DC was the end of SEGA as a console maker, neither the GC nor N64 killed Nintendo and neither will the Wii U.

lilbroRx1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Your humble opinion is that whatever the worse scenario for Nintendo is in any situation, you want it to be true. ;)

Most of us are looking at this rationally, however.

All circumstances point to sales ramping up when games being to release on the Wii U. Nothing more is needed. Just a steady stream of good games and good games alone will fix 90%+ of the problems with the Wii U's marketshare.

Realplaya1631d ago

@ LOL_WUT you are the worse when it comes to posting a comment you flip flop on views consistently SMDH. Dude pick a side either be a troll or be a fanboy.

Utalkin2me1631d ago


Man you just have problems of understanding when to keep that mouth shut.

LoveOfTheGame1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

IDK why people hate on the Gamecube so much, I thought it was a great little console. It wasn't on par with the PS2 or Xbox really but the games were fun as hell. It had the best mario kart and super smash bros, along with a great game in super mario strikers. Friends + Gamecube + Alcohol = some of the funnest all nighters you will ever have.

Edit: Just wanted to add I miss college.

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Garethvk1631d ago

We hardly even play ours. I have used it more to browse the web and such when I am downstairs while the phone is charging than we have for gaming in recent weeks.

DigitalRaptor1631d ago

That's not surprising since it's suffering from a drought of games. It will be fine in a couple of years, but for now it's quite a disappointment.

Garethvk1631d ago

I am hoping that we see something worth the effort at E3 and PAX.

Avernus1631d ago

WiiWho? :P

I kid I kid. I wouldn't want Nintendo to fail. Tbh, if I had the money I'll buy the WiiU for the first party games. But I'm no millionaire, so only 1 console at a time for me.

I liked the Dreamcast, but sadly it wasn't a success :(

WiiU sales doesn't look promising so far, but calling an early doomsday for it might be too much. WiiU failing isn't good news for anyone, and if you actually want it to fail then wow.