Top 5 Songs from A Link to the Past writes: "It has been 12 days since Nintendo announced the sequel to A Link to the Past. Some argue that A Link to the Past (LttP) is the best Zelda game in the franchise. While other purists say that the original NES title is, and modern review critics have another point of view and hold the golden Triforce up to Ocarina of Time. In my opinion I think all of the Zelda games have their own distinct style and character that make each one a timeless classic. To be fair A Link to the Past was the first Zelda game that I finally beat, however it was not the first I had played. The news of a sequel holds a very special place in my heart and you know what that means... TOP 5 BEST SONGS from LTTP!"

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Best ever!!! Dark World!!!!!!!

1971d ago
3-4-51971d ago

Never played ALttP but Dark World theme is now officially one of my favorite Legend of Zelda songs.

Makes me hope it's in ALttP 2 3DS...

TheSuperior 1972d ago

Good stuff lol its hard to pick a fav

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1972d ago

They forgot a couple songs but otherwise decent list. I would have likeed to have seen the Kakariko Village theme on here.