Wii U Virtual Console review (Wii U Daily)

"You already know all about the games, but what do we think about the service itself and the Wii U specific features it brings?" - Wii U Daily

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kirbyu1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Now it just needs GameCube games......and Earthbound.

PopRocks3591939d ago

And a proper transfer system to share VC games between the Wii U and 3DS, similar to the PS3 and Vita cross-platform games.

Neonridr1939d ago

And hopefully they can tie these purchases to the account and not the system. It is a shame that you have to rebuy stuff for the 3DS even if you own it for the Wii U. Something that hopefully changes down the road.

eagle211939d ago

Gamecube games announced at E3 would be megaton (for me). ;p

mrbojingles1939d ago

Looking forward to playing Earthbound later this year, for the first time! It looks like it has so much charm and personality I'm hoping I like how it plays

DivineAssault 1939d ago

If nintendo added accomplishments to all their games, i would love to play them even more again.. I know theyre stubborn & have to do things their own way but damn.. Having some kind of trophy/achievement system for the many classics they have would be awesome.. I would definitely enjoy playing them again to rank up on miiverse..

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