Thoughts and Hopes for A Link to the Past 2

Default Prime: Nintendo's announcement of a sequel to SNES legend A Link to the Past has stirred up waves of excitement in the gaming world. But after the releases of the less-than-stellar titles Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks on the DS, some people are worried that this sequel might not live up to its predecessor. Here's what I think Nintendo should do to give us another masterpiece.

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Jackhass1906d ago

They've bit of a bit bite with this one! Hope it's good.

Runa2161905d ago

better late than never!

eagle211905d ago

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mamotte1905d ago

I hope they bring back the dark world~

-GametimeUK-1905d ago

Thoughts? Well, I think it will be disappointing. Hopes? I hope I am wrong. We will see.

rataranian1905d ago

idk about that go on the wall paper mario thing they're putting in. =\

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