Seeing The World in Wii U Panorama View

Wii U Panorama View has been around for a fair amount of time, appearing at various events and being a common feature at Wii U demonstration units. The concept is simple but, at the same time, is a solid demonstration of the unique possibilities of the Wii U GamePad; the innovative controller functions as a window into a fully realised world, allowing you to view beyond the confines of the TV.

As a concept demo, then, this is an excellent way to show newcomers to the system one of its unique selling points, and before the Wii U shipped there was speculation around the web whether these "tours" would be bundled on the system or be available, at least, as free downloads from the eShop. Nintendo has decided to go the other way, however, and after a bit of a wait has made these tours available for sale; so are they worth buying?

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MNGamer-N1902d ago

No purchase for me. I downloaded the demo, it's pretty cool for what it is I guess, but I'm not going to be purchasing something I'll look at once then never go back to. Ever.

Nevers0ft1902d ago

I have the "flight" Panorama View video because it looked like the most visually interesting one but it's not exactly something I'll be purchasing many of.

If they expanded the idea beyond 5 minute videos, increased the resolution and did actual "shows" then I might be interested... I could see this being an interesting way to watch a concert, play or sporting event but I'm not too fussed about an on-rails rickshaw ride around Kyoto or a bus trip around London, thanks.

ZeekQuattro1902d ago

Nintendo should of focused on getting games out on time not what kind of useless features to add. I say pull people away from these lame projects if your understaffed. Get the games out first then you can decide on releasing bs apps later. I'm a fan of the company but my god release your games already.