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Root1632d ago

I'm guessing this means the PS4 aswell

JoGam1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Question is if not the PS4, which one will you buy? PS3 or PS4? I may still buy the PS4 version just because its next gen.

Hydrolex1631d ago

Why PS3 ? I wanna see PS4... I don't take my PS3 serious anymore after the PS4 announcement... I'd sell it tomorrow if R* announces GTA V for PC or PS4

Sandmano1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Yeah your right I forgot about GTA, the ballad of gay tony and the lost and the damned...

thechosenone1631d ago

Woo hoo! *happy dance* :D PS4Life!

chcolatesnw1631d ago

"Why PS3 ? I wanna see PS4... I don't take my PS3 serious anymore after the PS4 announcement... I'd sell it tomorrow if R* announces GTA V for PC or PS4"

What about Last of Us and Beyond. And even if it wasn't for those I'm keeping my PS3 strictly for the Uncharted series. Uncharted 2 and 3 are some of the best gaming playthroughs I've ever had, and I wish to replay them on an yearly basis at least once.
Excellent story combined with cinematic graphics and gameplay.

Sevir1631d ago

250-600 dollar investment, as if games aren't coming anymore because the next gen is coming...

You'd sell your ps3 just to play cross gen ports? You're behaving as if The Last of Us, Beyond:2S, Puppeteer, Gran Turismo 6 and whatever Other Exclusive they announce at E3. The PS4 is coming but the PS3 will continue to get original content, long after the PS4 has launched, I don't think Sony will stop producing PS3 exclusives for another 2 year's. So hang on to that ps3... There's no way to transfer over those games to PS4, no BC.

slapedurmomsace1631d ago

@hyrdro...why man?? To this day the PS3 is still one of the best blu ray players, just keep it as an extra, even if it's just for that.

And here I am planning on buying a super slim when the ps4 is released cause I don't like the way my reg slim is starting to sound.

jimbobwahey1631d ago

Since Sony is being sketchy about the PS4 playing PS3 games (the confusion over whether Gaikai will or will not stream them) I think that they'll probably rerelease their big PS3 exclusives on the PS4 at some point.

Sony realized that the tactic worked well with HD remasters of PS2 games on the PS3, so they'll probably do the same thing again. I can see an Uncharted trilogy and God of War 3/IV pack being released for the PS4 at some point. I've no doubts that they'll port over Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us as well.

Obviously it's a gamble assuming this since Sony hasn't commented, but I can see why somebody would be selling their PS3 right now to put the cash down on a PS4 preorder, before the value of the PS3 drops in a few months.

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Irishguy951631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

60 minutes of 'Ubisoft additional content'/ Probably flag collecting.

LOL_WUT1631d ago

I gotta admit that was pretty funny ;)

Transporter471631d ago

Yeah most likely i'm only buying the PS4 Version.

PraxxtorCruel1631d ago

The 60 minutes of extra just like Assassins creed, which turned out to be what exactly? 15 minutes? Nevertheless better than nothing I guess!

showtimefolks1631d ago

Sony is really stepping their game up and are taking the exclusive DLC part serious

Lets see E3 is gonna be a lot of fun. If rumors flying around are true than a lot of big publishers are picking sides on who they will make exclusive content for or even games

I doubt a 3rd party publisher would agree to do exclusive game bit I guess enough money can make it happen

DonFreezer1631d ago

Sony is taking their dlc part serious but when Microsoft does it you bush them because they have no exclusives and they steal dlc content from other consoles right?

showtimefolks1631d ago


i don't bash anyone, i give my opinion. You can see my comment history

early on i thought it was stupid but MS proved that exclusive DLC does matter and i am glad sony learn from that experience.

both systems will be about the same specs wise so in a way both console makers need exclusive content to gain the attention of gamers

GTA dlc was stupid because MS through it would sell into millions upon millions and it didn't but COD and Bethesda DLC deals are actually very smart

in a perfect world all dlc would come to every console at the same time but this is a business and everyone is looking for some sort of advantage

MS did soe very smart things looking into future

original xbox requires broadband no option for dial up

xblive service a killer service set up early for long term

locking DLC

but they also made some stupid ones too, like not every xbox360 with harddrive or not built in wifi into earlier models but they made the changes so i guess everything is ok as long as they learned from their mistakes and improve

IAmLee1631d ago

At the end of a trailer it says, 'to be released on current gen consoles as well,' or something along them lines, so it's looking like a PS4/720 title too :D

On a side note, I'm refraining from watching this, as I want everything to be new to me when I'm playing it for the 1st time. :')

Syntax-Error1631d ago

Why would anyone buy a $500 system to play a $60 game that will be released on current gen w/ no significant improvements? It's not like having to choose a title being made for NES and Super Nintendo.

hkgamer1631d ago

They not buying a ps4 specifically for this game... I would laugh at anyone who buys a next gen console then only purchases multiplatform/generation games.

I'm planning to buy ps4 and purchase a few exclusives. If I have any spare cash, I provably will get this game aswell

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StrongMan1631d ago

Definitive current gen version confirmed?

LOL_WUT1631d ago

Maybe? You'll definitely get your money's worth going with the PS3 version. ;)

Gamer19821631d ago

And most likely next gen version too..

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1631d ago

1 hour more really? So happy lol.

DonFreezer1631d ago

If those 60 minutes were announced for the 360 or the Wii U i bet we would see you all Sony drones crying to your death about Microsoft or Nintendo caring only about exclusive content.

hkgamer1631d ago

Everybody wants exclusive content, actually most gamers want content even if it isn't exclusive. Think people get pissed off because ma spending money and sonly being cheap.

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Rearden1631d ago

Here we go again about exclusive content...

Sandmano1631d ago

I think MS started it with COD.

JoGam1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Was it COD or GTA? I know Both.

FITgamer1631d ago

Nothing wrong with exclusive content, unless its timed exclusive content(Like M$ with COD) Just seems like a waste of $.

insomnium21631d ago

People do lap it up and love it though. They have no choise.

AngelicIceDiamond1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

The exact same thing fanboys cried about all this gen will rejoice over it now that its PlayStation's doing it.

Let the hypocrisy begin.

@Minato Ubisoft didn't give it to them for free, Sony decided pay for it again. How can MS use that so called "50million" to bring in new games when they're all being made for 720 at this whole time?

Minato-Namikaze1631d ago

No we said it wasnt something a company should waste 50 million on when that money could be used to make 2 or 3 games instead.

Software_Lover1631d ago

Microsoft made it possible for the game to be released. They were severely over budget and no one else would flip the bill.

So you would rather the game not be released.

fabod861631d ago

I think that you are mistaking it with LA Noire...

Minato-Namikaze1631d ago

Where is this proof that sony paid for this from Ubisoft? We dont know what was given in exchange.

@software lover
You're telling me GTA 4 was in danger of not being released? Or is there another game that i am missing that MS paid 50 mil for DLC content (not including the 75 million they paid to stop GTA4 from being PS exclusive).

Pinkdolphin1631d ago

Ahahahaha!!!!! Oh yea lets assume ubisoft was feeling kind and generous and did it for free because they love sony. The lengths fanboys go sometimes.... Please just stop.

MysticStrummer1631d ago

That's not what "fanboys" have complained about and you should know that, as much as you're on here ( commenting on PS3 articles ). MS decided to spend money on acquiring timed exclusive content rather than on real exclusives. You may like that but many people don't, including 360 fans.

1631d ago
MysticStrummer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@DK286K - I guess that depends on your idea of what a healthy balance is.

And no, I have nothing but circumstantial evidence and the testimony of all my friends that used to have a 360 to tell me that MS spent more on marketing and timed DLC than on exclusives.

You're still not understanding what I meant though. As long as Sony does it AND brings a large number of new IPs, yes it is ok. If they go the MS route, no it won't be ok. You're acting like only Sony fans think MS did that, which isn't true.

EDIT - The dumbest thing about AngelicIceDiamond's comment is that Sony was already doing it to some extent this generation. This isn't new, but MS did more of it for sure.

Hicken1631d ago

Actually, people complained because they spent money on this for multiple titles while the exclusive GAMES dried up.

Geez, if make things up to try and prove your point, your whole argument falls flat. The $50 million, for example, was for GTA; that was early enough in this gen that it COULD have been used on another game, as I doubt they were making "all" the games for 720.

And really, what kind of weak excuse is that? Are you Xbox guys SERIOUSLY buying into that? "They're not making any games for 360 cuz they're making games for 720."

So why can Sony do both? I heard Microsoft has more studios than Sony, too. Someone in a recent article even went as far as to count the different teams of MS developers, while not counting the multiple teams at ND, GG, and others.

Even so, Sony's supporting THREE CONSOLES with lots of games; why can't Microsoft seem to maintain ONE?

andibandit1631d ago

Please dont tell me the vita is one of those 3, cause it been out a year now and still hasnt got a killer game......

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Salooh1631d ago

They should encourage people to buy next generation not staying on this generation -.- .

aquamala1631d ago

console makers want people to move on to the next generation

why would third party developers care? it's the same to them if you buy the $60 PS3 version or the $60 PS4 version

Salooh1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Because it's easier to develop for and will evolve gaming. I know that they are seeking money but before this bullshit, new consoles bring new opportunity to new ips to be famous because of the lack of games. Therefore, they try to bring the best game they ever could but now it's a sales race only. This is a new thing just like the dlc's , pass codes and DRM..etc

Watch dog is a day one on ps4 but I'm just saying why some people are disappointed and see different thing happening. Developers blamed the companies for limiting them which is true but now when they got what they want they go the easy way instead of blow us away with next generation..

That's what i'm worry about more limitations will come. Locking more things. Bring new ways to profit without true value to customers. What a shame..

raWfodog1631d ago

Because Sony is still supporting the PS3 like they did with every past console that they had. There will be many more PS3's out in the world than PS4's this fall. Companies still want to make money this year...