Ubisoft cutting down on FPS games

Are hardcore FPS titles going out of style? According to Ubisoft, yes. Phil Therien of Ubisoft made a comment that first-person shooting games do not provide enough revenue to warrant the development process of these games. Moreover, Therien noted that the market is "too narrow" to continue to develop as many FPS titles as the company has done in the past. Arguably, this is due to the overwhelming success of casual games. Will more companies follow in the steps of Ubisoft?

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Eclipticus3685d ago

hopefully the fps titles will thin out. I am glad to see that more quality titles of various genres are being published and sold. But there will always be the halos, R6, WWII shooters. now if there would just always be the Bioshocks, then it would be all good.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213685d ago

i doubt other companies will follow their steps... FPS is my favorite genre. i dont really like any other genres except for sports. i think that FPS is too popular for companies to pass on...

ChickeyCantor3685d ago

" i doubt other companies will follow their steps... FPS is my favorite genre."

Thats called wishfull thinking, i dont think it will thin out or anything but i dont think it will expand either.

PS360WII3685d ago

Thank goodness. There are way to many FPSs out there. More variety is needed for sure

Danja3685d ago

Good now plz focus on making Assassins Creed 2....the great game the 1st one should have been.

ChickeyCantor3685d ago

if they screw up Redsteel 2 i think i will loose totall interest for FPS games.
Fps to me they all play the same!

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