Club Nintendo Offers New Mario Kart Trophies

Today, the European Club Nintendo has begun offering these two new trophies, resembling trophies from the Mushroom and Banana Cups from Mario Kart 7. These shiny new trophies can be obtained only if you have 5000 Stars on Club Nintendo.

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majiebeast1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Holy mother thats expensive. The only thing i have so far is a coincube plushie.

PopRocks3591975d ago

Sheesh. How the heck is anyone supposed to get that many coins in a single year?

TXIDarkAvenger1975d ago

That's a lot but damn I want it so bad. I've don't even have 1000 yet. Hope they add some new posters.

RTheRebel1974d ago

Nintendo you want my money?

kirbyu1974d ago

I hope America gets them.

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