5 Alternatives To Monster Hunter on Vita

Capcom has recently revealed that they have no plans on bringing the hit Monster Hunter franchise [to the PlayStation Vita]. So, here’s a list of some alternative monster hunting Vita games that you can play instead of Monster Hunter.

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ThatMiamiGuy1906d ago

I really, really, really, really hope that they are bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to the Vita overseas.

I'm HOPING that's the reason they delayed the Western PC version.

*Crosses finger*

PopRocks3591906d ago

It's a shame Capcom has no plans for it right now. The hardware is well suited for its own iteration of the franchise.

Donnieboi1905d ago

Yeah the Vita has proven that it can handle online without too many hiccups. Just look at Soul Sacrifice. I was gonna buy MH for my 3DS but it has no online, which is why i'm upset. What was Capcom thinking? The 3DS could have definitely handled the online especially if I used Wi-Fi from coffee shops while outside.

PopRocks3591905d ago

I think that's because they wanted to encourage people to get it on both Wii U and 3DS. I only have the Wii U version, which is online but of course not portable (and it has dual stick camera control from the get-go).

The 3DS' online is only possible through the Wii U, if I'm not mistaken. Which is weird as hell but that was probably meant to encourage people to get Wii Us.

I know Monster Hunter 4 has online multiplayer and that is only a 3DS game right now. The omission in 3 Ultimate does come off as sketchy.

tubers1905d ago

A bit curious about Toukiden and GE2; Both will be available on the PSP and about 1000 YEN cheaper (afaik).

Wonder if the VITA will be allowed to download both PSN versions.

Do the VITA versions have more content other than improved graphics?

(PSP version + VITA [use thumbstick remap] = +1000 YEN)

nigelp5201904d ago

Just give me Phantasy Star Online 2. as bonus port the original