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Star Trek: The Video Game Review (Gamerhub tv)

This one warp-speeds right into a brick wall. This is Khan's fault, isn't it? (PC, PS3, Star Trek, Xbox 360) 4/10

YoureINMYWay85  +   598d ago
Fucking GOTY! All the WAY!
ohcatrina  +   598d ago
I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells with the entire new star trek franchise...
TheDCD  +   598d ago
Well, Catrina, the thing is, the JJ Abrams movies seem to be fantastic. There's no reason the game shouldn't have matched up to that level.
gamerlive  +   598d ago
They had over three years on this game so there's no excuse.
MilkMan  +   598d ago
This game blows Gorn junk and I say this as Trekkie and gamer that bought this hot mess. The jokes on me.
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creHEARTive  +   598d ago
Very sad. I had high expectations for this game.
KrisK  +   598d ago
Just when I thought that film based video games were going to be good again....this happens.
GodsPerfectK7ng  +   598d ago
Get rocksteady to remake it right like batman arkham city!!

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