Quantic Dream Goes Beyond

Kind of a mix of a trailer, opinion piece, and description of the game. Details about the new trailer from the Tribeca Film festival as well as the 35 minute gameplay footage shown. During the Tribeca Film Festival Quantic Dream unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming PS3 exclusive title, Beyond: Two Souls. Not only does this trailer give you a piece of what to expect from the game's story, but also where and even more importantly when it will be taking place. Showing the life of Jodie Holmes from start to what potentially may be the finish. The trailer certainly speaks for itself in terms of the sheer magnitude of the emotion and seriousness of this new game.

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EmptySkyForm1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

For anyone that says it's an interactive movie and or it's garbage is a idiot, or ignorant to the product. But hey, for 1 sec lets say it is an interactive movie K?

Most movies are about 2 hrs long (avg) and the blu-ray purchase is about $25. From the news I've heard Beyond: Two Souls is 10-12 hrs long. If it's just a interactive movie then Beyond: Two Souls is 5 times that of a typical movie. By that logic, that's $125 bucks right there.... and you know what?... it'll be worth it.

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GmrsNewsNetwork1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yes it's about 5 times as long as typical movie, but that's only for one playthrough as well. Many games, especially ones like this that will probably have multiple outcomes, can be replayed many times and get a unique experience each time. Making it's value increase dramatically.