Nyko Pro Commander controller review

Nyko has always offered quality accessories for gamers and the Pro Commander controller is no different–it’s a cheaper alternative to Nintendo’s official controller without feeling cheaply made. For players who want an alternative control scheme than what the Pro Controller offers, Nyko has you covered with the more familiar layout that the Xbox 360 popularized.

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Rearden1854d ago

Looks pretty good for the price.

lilbroRx1854d ago

I give this article a thumbs down for the "familiar layout that the Xbox 360 popularized" line. The Gamecube was the originator of that face button layout.

jameson123451853d ago

I know the Gamecube was first(and I love that controller and will be purchasing third party adapters to use it future games), but this layout is just being used to link gamers to a control layout they are familiar with.