Rayman Origins 3DS Review (Gamerhub tv)

It's missing some visual spark and multiplayer features, but Rayman's still not bad on 3DS.

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YoureINMYWay851515d ago

Meh still waiting for the console version

3-4-51515d ago

I think he means legends....Origins was fun, until world 5 where I had to start running on the ceiling and stuff...

gamerlive1515d ago

I'm looking forward to the console version.

TheDCD1515d ago

Um, it's out. Has been.

creHEARTive1515d ago

Rayman Origins is a great game. Very family friendly.

KrisK1515d ago

Some franchises feel like they are never going to die. I am not even sure what it is about it, but Rayman just seems to be chugging forward.