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Tin Salamunic: How long did it take you to complete the original Dishonored? Five hours? Eight hours? Twenty hours? I personally spent an embarrassing amount of time sneaking through the campaign without killing a single soul. You see, Dishonored rewarded the stealthy approach with a rich and complex experience while pretty much giving the middle finger to those solely relying on guns and grenades. Dishonored redefined everyone’s expectations of the genre and gave players the necessary tools to shape their own path to victory without the kind of handholding that’s plagued this generation for years. Knife of Dunwall continues this trend by introducing new environments, new gameplay mechanics, and a new protagonist with a rich and rewarding narrative at a mere ten bucks.

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GodsPerfectK7ng1934d ago

Fnnnn Great DLC people I suggest picking it up, Loved being Daud!!