Gaming Dad - Changing as a Gamer

GotGame: (Joe Roche) This past weekend after my son had gone to sleep I finally finished Uncharted 3, but instead of going into the backlog I decided to throw Bioshock Infinite into the PS3 because I had heard some great things. This is where I finally realized I had undergone a change as a direct result of parenthood.

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ArchangelMike1822d ago

For me it was the moment I caught my 7 year old son playing God of War 3. I had to take my entire God of War collection (1 -4), to the shop and trade them in for a bunch of Disney cartoons. It was a very sobering moment for me.

Ramon3MR1822d ago

LOL good call. I think when I get a little one, I'm going to start him or her off with some Super Mario Bros. on my NES.

ArchangelMike1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

hehe, you'd be surprised how quickly they'd want to be playing the games that they see you play. It's only when you start having kids that it dawns on you that gaming is no longer really for children, or rather that the games you play are really not for children.