Jimquisition: Boob Wars and Dragon Crowns

Dragon's Crown has become the latest game involved in a big argument. Big boobs, burly dwarves, and Kotaku were all involved.

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zerocrossing1938d ago

To be honest I'm OK with the character designs since it is fantasy after all, I'm uncertain as to weather that's a good thing or not but that's just my opinion. I can however understand why other people are upset about the over sexualisation of the two female characters, but I think it's unfair to accuse every developer who uses big breasted or half naked women for doing it in order to either oppress women or simply out of ignorance.

izumo_lee1938d ago

This is one of Jim's better videos & i totally get where he is coming from.

The problem Jim is that the gaming journalism these days are less about 'informing' & more about 'traffic & hit inducing' articles. Well informed articles are less & less these days cause simply they do not generate the traffic for a site than controversial stories do.

Even when people try to generate a thoughtful or insightful discussion they are often times pinned as 'fanboys' for no reason just cause they have different opinions than others. It really is a no win situation at times & that is the most frustrating thing about gaming media & gaming discussions.

miyamoto1937d ago

I would like to thank all the haters who gave this very niche game the publicity, constructive criticism, overall universal approval and defense of this game from core gamers.

bunt-custardly1938d ago

Nice vid. Loved the blooper at the end.

smashcrashbash1938d ago

Ok I will be reasonable.First of all I will acknowledge anyone is is GENUINELY bothered by the designs. I am not talking someone who jumps to chastise a woman if her skirt reaches any point above her knees or people who just like to look for problems where there are none. I get it. However I would also like to point out that once again the over muscular depictions of the male form are once again ignored in favor of constantly griping about how the women look. It's amazing how no one dives to point that the warrior is an over developed depiction of manhood and how much of a problem that is that media always puts men in the most sexy way possible for us to emulate.

Also I get Vaniliaware as well. They never expected these characters to be taken as reality and just to be seen as a kind of humorous where you can kind of roll your eyes or chuckle at their forms knowing very well that you know very well that people don't usually look that way and the game doesn't take itself to seriously unlike games like Gears of War who seem to truly think the disproportionate people they make are some sort of realistic depiction. Also I would like to point out that this is a depiction of people from older times. Did you know that Amazons were supposed to be butt naked and warriors many times bare wore anything but a loincloth? African warriors barely wore any clothes at all They didn't care if you thought they were half or completely naked.They were proud warriors and didn't give a damn about how you thought they were dressed.Just imagine going to tell Kratos to put on some clothes because he looks indecent.

Last of all I understand their anger at Kotaku seeing that they are nothing but trouble makers and chaos makers.When someone is being an idiot it is easy to say 'Don't be an idiot too' but when that idiot is getting on your nerves it is very hard not to hit them back with your own quips and attacks. Kotaku were being idiots as normal and I can see why Vanillaware got peeved.People always do that.They poke and prod and push developers and when they get frustrated and say something back at you people want to get upset and angry as if you weren't being an @$$ about it and you weren't doing anything to provoke it. Vanillaware should have not taken Kotaku's bait and handled it better but it is hard to listen to jabbering idiots and not get a little irritated.

Azfargh1938d ago

Gotta say... I´m heterossexual, male, engaged, hardcore gamer... but, I really don´t like to play games that makes me feel aroused. And in a near future, get kids, how I gonna play games like these with them?

I know that they will succumb to pornography anyway... but not by me and not like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.