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Zelda 3DS ‘Drawing on the Wall’ Ability is Good for Gameplay, Bad for Zelda

GenGAME writes: "Among all the overly-familiar elements in Zelda 3DS, we’ve seen one stand-out new feature so far: the new game mechanic that transforms Link into a hieroglyphic drawing and allows him to walk on walls. So far the reactions have been… well, largely non-existent. We’ve seen a few media outlets talk about its effect on gameplay, but there hasn’t been much in-depth discussion of the idea itself.

"There’s a lot of potential for the idea to open up exploration of the game’s top-down 2D world in a way that just hadn’t been thought of when A Link to the Past was born. But there’s also the question of whether something like this truly fits in with what we think of as Zelda." (3DS, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2)

Moonman  +   485d ago
Can't wait for this game! I will be playing LTTP again beforehand. ;p
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fairyblaster  +   485d ago
zelda games are a story, stories come from walls 1st, form hieroglyphics.
mamotte  +   485d ago
So... everyone wants changes in a Zelda game, Nintendo introcudes a change, and "is bad for Zelda"?
legendoflex  +   485d ago
By "changes" they mean "new content," not "gimmicky gameplay mechanics."
fairyblaster  +   485d ago
whats better, to have gimmicks = no one, or to copy others and not be original = sony ?
mamotte  +   485d ago
Sorry? A "gimmick"? So, a new gameplay mechanich where you can walk on EVERY wall for a limited time to reach impossible places is a "gimmick"? Oh, sorry, I usually forgot that a new meaningful gameplay mechanic would be give Link an Ak-47.
Chrono  +   485d ago
The gameplay is what matters, and this is not an ordinary Zelda game. Feels non-canon to me, so I only care about the gameplay here.
fairyblaster  +   485d ago
(mamotte) A Link to the past 2 has a new gameplay mechanich where you can walk on EVERY wall for a limited time to reach impossible places is a "gimmick"?


very well said dude.
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