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Submitted by alivegamezone 1020d ago | article

Ubisoft Tackling Over Rockstar with Incoming Trailer

Alive Game Zone - Later today it was officially announced that Watch_Dogs might also be bringing in new trailer through their cryptic tweet (Read More here); which could possibly be tackling over the people’s expectation regarding those new trailers from Rockstar. (PS3, PS4, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Xbox 360)

Godchild1020  +   1021d ago
Now all we need is a great Saints Row IV trailer and that would be a great trifecta. Or would it be something else since RockStar is releasing 3 different trailers?
alivegamezone  +   1021d ago
Yes, but there's no word from them yet! :(
djthechamp24  +   1020d ago
You aint gotta like it cause the hood gone love it!!!
majiebeast  +   1020d ago
A thing Rockstar can learn from Ubi, show damn gameplay and not that bullshot cinematic angle crap but real gameplay like the player would see it.
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Nodoze  +   1020d ago
If I had to choose only one, it would be Watch Dogs.
Knight_Crawler  +   1019d ago
Have to agree...R* will forever be part of my childhood but GTA 4 as much as people want to defend it was a big let down.

I can go into so many reason why I felt like it was a let down but dont think I have enough space to post it all.

I really hope R* succeeds with GTA 5 but I wont be falling for the hype this time around like I did for GTA 4 and will not be buying GTA 5 day one.

Also R* has a habit of not releasing demos because they know people will but any GTA game just for the name.
ironfist92  +   1019d ago
I can see that. For me Watch_Dogs seems alot more serious, realistic, and offers something new and fresh, an experience we havent played or seen before.

No doubt GTAV is gonna be amazing too, but what does it offer that makes it different from other games aside from a compelling narrative and better graphics?
Heavenly King  +   1020d ago
if GTAV comes for PS4 I will but it, if not nope. I will buy Watchdog for PS4.
Dark11  +   1020d ago
lol if anyone here expect Watch Dogs to be big as GTA V , then you will be disappointed

Watch Dogs will probably be big as AC3 at BEST , and it will contain much fewer details compared to GTA V map.
elhebbo16  +   1019d ago
maybe, but i think the hacking system (If it is dynamic and not script) is gonna be amazing. they could make GTA V's map 10x bigger than Watch Dogs and i wont care because if the world isnt interactive than i would probably get bored after riding around on car or plane for a couple of hours.
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ExitToExisT  +   1020d ago
I will not play GTA V on X360 or PS3. I will only play it on either PC-Xbox Next or Ps4 (whichever gets it first)
TheUndertaker85  +   1020d ago
I think it's stupid for Ubisoft to be trying this "One Up" move. From what I see Watch Dogs looks to be a pretty decent title but in that GTA is already an established title with huge sales behind it. Watch Dogs is a new IP so while it might have that "new and fresh" feel Ubisoft will still have to do more to top GTA.

Plus one other game out has tried similar tactics in the past just to get walked over by GTA in the long run.
unchartedxplorer  +   1019d ago
tbh the gta v trailers own the watch dogs ones
creized1  +   1019d ago
Ubisoft needs to calm down. I mean personally i am getting both games because 1. I love GTA, played it since the GTA2 came out) and 2. Watch dogs just looks amazing and it is an open world game and I love open world games.

So i think ubisoft doesn't have anything to fear because at the end of the day, a player that loves open world games will end up buying both sooner or later.
BattleTorn  +   1019d ago
What is the new trailer? "Out of Control" or "Judgment" ???

They're both the same, and came out yesterday...

Where is April 30th's trailer?
Jayjayff  +   1019d ago
I think is rather silly for someone to try and compare themselves with a Juggernaut like Gta5, especially because R always delivers. You're just putting yourself to their standards and if you only bring an average experience it will show big time because of the comparison and would end up being mediocre/disappointment.
medman  +   1019d ago
Watch_Dogs has a chance to be spectacular, but at this point all of it is just hope. GTA has an established history of awesomeness. Hopefully Ubisoft can deliver on the Watch_Dogs franchise as they have with others in their impressive roster. I will be buying a PS4 and Watch_Dogs as soon as they become available, that is for dead sure. I'm also looking forward to The Last of Us, Beyond:Two Souls, and GTA V of course.
the1whoknocks90  +   1019d ago
I will be getting both but if I had to chose it would be GTA V. I know GTA IV wasn't the best but it was good. Also Red Dead was awesome so I don't think GTA V will be a disappointment.

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