Ubisoft Tackling Over Rockstar with Incoming Trailer

Alive Game Zone - Later today it was officially announced that Watch_Dogs might also be bringing in new trailer through their cryptic tweet (Read More here); which could possibly be tackling over the people’s expectation regarding those new trailers from Rockstar.

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Godchild10201632d ago

Now all we need is a great Saints Row IV trailer and that would be a great trifecta. Or would it be something else since RockStar is releasing 3 different trailers?

alivegamezone1632d ago

Yes, but there's no word from them yet! :(

djthechamp241631d ago

You aint gotta like it cause the hood gone love it!!!

majiebeast1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

A thing Rockstar can learn from Ubi, show damn gameplay and not that bullshot cinematic angle crap but real gameplay like the player would see it.

Nodoze1631d ago

If I had to choose only one, it would be Watch Dogs.

Knight_Crawler1631d ago

Have to agree...R* will forever be part of my childhood but GTA 4 as much as people want to defend it was a big let down.

I can go into so many reason why I felt like it was a let down but dont think I have enough space to post it all.

I really hope R* succeeds with GTA 5 but I wont be falling for the hype this time around like I did for GTA 4 and will not be buying GTA 5 day one.

Also R* has a habit of not releasing demos because they know people will but any GTA game just for the name.

ironfist921630d ago

I can see that. For me Watch_Dogs seems alot more serious, realistic, and offers something new and fresh, an experience we havent played or seen before.

No doubt GTAV is gonna be amazing too, but what does it offer that makes it different from other games aside from a compelling narrative and better graphics?

Heavenly King1631d ago

if GTAV comes for PS4 I will but it, if not nope. I will buy Watchdog for PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.