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Latest Trailer Leaks Watch Dogs Release Date

"Ubisoft’s upcoming hacking fest, Watch Dogs, has received a new trailer showing just how far Aiden Pearce will go to complete his objectives." - Velox (PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TrevorPhillips  +   852d ago
I'm getting both GTA V and Watch Dogs simply because I love sandbox games and the fact you can do anything you want to, not that you couldn't already in previous open world sandbox games, but you guys know what I mean.
DavePSU  +   852d ago
I agree. I'm really excited for Watch Dogs as well. It seems like a really unique take on the open world platform.
US8F  +   852d ago
Is it confirmed for offline play? Honestly the only reason I want that is for that very reason alone, TO DO WHAT I WANT.
DavePSU  +   852d ago
I'd assume you can play it offline.
US8F  +   852d ago
@Dave, they keep on saying "always on, always connected" I just hope your right though
Ace_Pheonix  +   852d ago
@US8F, are you going to play it on a next gen XBOX? Because if so, then... well... no.
NukaCola  +   852d ago
Always online is probably like the auto log in need for speed most wanted. You can play offline but generally it will always be updating and connected by a server.

Can't wait to live it up in the box with this, GTA V, and inFAMOUS.
nix  +   852d ago
imagine the horror if the game comes with 'always online'...

violents  +   852d ago

I think they keep saying "always on, always connected" in reference to the gameplay, as in your always connected to the hackable cityscape.

Or at least I hope so.

Sidenote: I noticed there was no reference to a next gen MS platform when they list all the platforms at the end of the trailer, could this confirm no nextbox this holiday?
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Hydrolex  +   852d ago
I can guarantee you guys that was played on the PS4...
turnerdc  +   852d ago
The next generation Xbox isn't announced yet. I'm sure every studio has signed some kind of NDA regarding releasing details about Microsoft's next platform. I'm sure once Microsoft officially announces their product we'll start seeing confirmation from publishers that their game is coming to it.
Ozmoses  +   852d ago
I really think you guys are digging into it a little much...

"always on, always connected" is refering to the atomsphere of Watch Dogs...

the world is watching... all eyes... nothing goes unseen... like a big brother type environment. everything is connected through the same channels.

that sort of stuff.. it's not refering to whether you can play the game online or offline.
Lior  +   852d ago
smart move releasing it after gta v
SolidStoner  +   852d ago
it seems that soon we will have huge amount of all sorts of games!
ILive  +   852d ago
I am not getting this game confirmed.
I can't wait for infamous on ps4! Hope it's day 1 launch title!

Open world games are good for erectile dysfunction cuz this game gives me a boner.

Gta needs more competition anyway to keep R* on their toes.

Also nice to not be banned anymore. Will save my trolling for after xbox reveal.
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chrish1990  +   852d ago
I just want Jesus to tell me how the release date was "leaked" in the trailer.

I mean, it's in there good and proper.

Anyone with me?
showtimefolks  +   852d ago
great year for gamers who like sandbox games, GTA5,Watch Dogs,Saints row 4

all 3 on buy list, only one doubtful is Sr4 just because Sr3 was all over the place and i hope the next one is more like SR2 than Sr3
IAmLee  +   852d ago
I hope this outsells CoD.
Just so activision get the hint that no one wants another CoD game. :')
bunfighterii  +   852d ago
Im not going to bother with Watch Dogs on this gen. I'll wait for the PS4 version.
Prcko  +   852d ago
omg this looks phenomenal!!!!
nypifisel  +   852d ago
It does, finally some new things coming our way. I wonder whether this says something about the PS4 release date. Launch title perhaps?! 22 November, in 40 days we'll know.
Arai  +   852d ago | Helpful
Better quality (720p): http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Makes you wonder how crazy games will look 2-3 years down the road, doesn't it?
TrevorPhillips  +   852d ago
Thank you so much for that Arai, kudos to you :)
BattleTorn  +   852d ago
Chaostar  +   852d ago

If anyone is wondering about the music it's The Black Keys - Next Girl
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ILive  +   852d ago
Honestly, it looks like a current gen version. If not, then sorry it does not look that good.
showtimefolks  +   852d ago

if next gen is anything like current than the best will be here in 3-4 years, look at games early in gen on xbox360 and ps3 to now and its day and night difference

hopefully new tech will also bring some innovations to some old ideas, FPS genre needs a wake up call
Ken22  +   852d ago
Wow this game wasn't on my radar but now it is.Getting it on the PS4.
Lucreto  +   852d ago
This is for the UK and Ireland


Vigilante Edition

Special Edition

Uplay Exclusive Edition
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Root  +   852d ago
Oh for the love of god...Ubisoft always do this

Now I have to choose between the Vigilante Edition and the DEDSEC_Edition.

Why not just have one ultra collectors edition exclusively to the U Play store including everything.
omi25p  +   852d ago
Yeah im in same boat. I want statue, hat and scarf. But i think because i have to choose i'll go with the Statue
minimur12  +   852d ago
I know lol, but if there's an art book that one always wins for me. I love seeing the concept art of a game.
goldwyncq  +   852d ago
Fu$#... Why do they have to release it during a major exam?
Root  +   852d ago
This game looks amazing

This is basicaly Person of Interest the game, the guy sounds like Reese and looks a bit like him minus the suit. Plus he has characteristics of Finch aswell with his hacking abilities.

Not to mention when the cameras identify people the Machine does the same in the show.

If you havent seen it....well....watch it, it's fantastic

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Salooh  +   852d ago
I'm planning to see it but when i saw watch dog i felt it will spoil many things. I dunno. Do i wait and play watch dog then watch the show or the opposite?.. What do you think ?..
Root  +   852d ago
It won't spoil anything since they aren't connected....they just seem similar, kind of like Ubisoft got their main inspiration from Person of Interest
Sandmano  +   852d ago
Looks brilliant planning on getting this on the Ps4.
alessandro10  +   852d ago
looks great, looking foward to play it on ps4.
ExitToExisT  +   852d ago
Leaks or announces release date?
LightofDarkness  +   852d ago
An officially released trailer now qualifies as a leak? Ugh...
DavePSU  +   852d ago
When this article was submitted, the video was not "officially" released. It was taken down immediately and set to private. 20-30 minutes later, it was put back online.
TrevorPhillips  +   852d ago
By the way guys, do you know if that's running on current gen consoles or next gen?
Salooh  +   852d ago
Next generation or pc. It's imposible to look like this on current generation consoles. Regardless if you feel impressed or not..
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Eamon  +   852d ago
In that trailer, the whole sequence before Aiden starts to narrate, the graphics were PC/PS4. Afterwards it was current-gen.
teedogg80  +   852d ago
Nov. 21 huh, sounds like a possible PS4 release date to me.
nirwanda  +   852d ago
Exactly the same date as the original xbox 360 release date in the US.
nirwanda  +   852d ago
In fact it's probably been made for microsofts reveal.
I think the ps4 will be out just before the 720.
Psychotica  +   852d ago
Like the timing, it will give us 2 months of GTA 5 before we dive into this.
babis1974  +   852d ago
robinisme  +   852d ago
Does this really deserve all the hype its been getting? I mean it looks good but it's hardly the revolution every ones making it out to be. There could very well be an amazing multiplayer component, however as a single player its open-world by the numbers and that is all
Salooh  +   852d ago
Who knows what next generation will bring us. It's obvious that it will be different experience then ps2 to ps3. At this moment i don't feel the huge jump in gameplay that much but graphics looks stunning. This is just an early ps4 game. If you are not impressed by this you won't like assassin creed : black flag because this is a pc port but AC is a console port.

Wait until E3 to judge. We will see many great games. We only saw few.

Current generation ports remove the hype for me even if the game looks great because i still feel like they are limiting the games by porting them to current generation consoles. I really hate the guy who told them that idea for sales.

Beyond developers are doing it right though. Same with naughty dog..
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violents  +   852d ago
I think you got it backwards, I believe next gen will bring a moderate jump in graphics but a huge leap in AI, lighting, gameplay mechanics, overall smoothness, particle effects, and draw distances. O and social gaming will come further to the forefront, they really seem to be trying to integrate the social aspects a lot more due to the popularity of facebook, twitter, and the likes.

I think the only reason that the graphic jump from ps2/xbox to ps3/360 was so great was because consoles finally went from standard def to high def. Unless next gen start to push that new 4K as a standard we wont see huge leaps in graphics, there will be improvements but not to the effect of last gen to current.
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IRetrouk  +   852d ago
I agree graphics will obviously make a jump but a.i, physics, scale and size will all get a huge boost, this game is day 1 for me, hopefully they will release the version with the model for ps4 otherwise im gonna have to buy the game twice lol
maniac76  +   852d ago
Will this have jaggies around everything like gta4 on consoles lol.next gen jaggies ftw
Conzul  +   852d ago
Jaggies on current, maybe. I expect PS4 will have at least minor anti-aliasing going on.
Mogwai  +   852d ago
this game isnt looking too next gen in the visual department, i wonder if thats because it is multi platform with current gen. i imagine it will be a ton of fun to play.
sway_z  +   852d ago
Watchdogs is a Day 1 purchase to go with a Day 1 launch PS4...

..and Infamous 2nd Son & Deep Down (working Title) looks to be something kinda awesome.

Driveclub will be awesome too, but it will have to wait...Kill Zone looked cool, but I hope it differs slightly to the PS3 series. KZ (PS3/PS4) undeniably looks great and felt nice and weighty, but KZ lacked heavily in the narrative and story departments.

Kill Zone has great lore, but the story could mature a little and stop pandering to the 15-25 year old male demographic, which is lucrative but not the be all and end all of gaming.

But yeah, sorry for harping on...the article is really about Watchdogs :)
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Conzul  +   852d ago
If Shadowfall MP drops those damn medical droids, I'll be happy. Also return the class system from Killzone 2 FFS
Chapulin  +   852d ago
I wonder how the Wii U version will be?
1nsomniac  +   852d ago
Latest trailer leaks release date....?????

Latest trailer advertises release date, it doesnt leak anything.

I see its started already, the graphics have already took a big downgrade from previous footage. That didnt take them long..
iRocket  +   852d ago
Mmh, looks good, definitely going to get the PC version! Just have to do some upgrading...
Th3 Chr0nic  +   852d ago
simply gonna be awesome. PC version for me
darren_poolies  +   852d ago
The concept reminds me of Person Of Interest a little. Looks brilliant, can't wait!
cleverusername  +   852d ago
So next gen will be out by then!!
ATi_Elite  +   852d ago
I'm happy they chose a city OTHER than New York. Chicago is a great city to make a game in and Watch Dogs looks good.

Looking forward to the Icenhancer Mod for the PC version to really pump up the graphics.
IRetrouk  +   852d ago
Hopefully sony will allow mods like they did with ut3, have you seen some of them? Master chief, marcus fenix, spawn, i just hope that sony can keep their system as open as posible without the pirates spoiling things.
abzdine  +   852d ago
looks very promising but i still need to hear the first feedbacks from early owners because Ubisoft are good at making trailers but their games disappoint me most of the time.
Sevir  +   852d ago
PS4 Baby, PS4!!!
That trailer looked incredible and I can't wait to try it to see how well it actually plays, UBISOFT is going for R* Neck.

I can't wait to see more of it. Nov 19th. Can't wait.
kingmushroom  +   852d ago
all the way bro, i want that soundtrack music.
Jek_Porkins  +   852d ago
Wonder if this will be DRM? And I also wonder if it's going to correlate with the next Xbox launch? Seems like an interesting launch title if it's true.
violents  +   852d ago
Game looks freakin amazing, cant wait to play!

No mention of next gen xbox on the platforms at the end of the trailer. Is that a confirmation that we wont see nextbox this holiday?
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