Watch Dogs "DEDSEC_Edition" Details

"In the latest Watch Dogs trailer, Ubisoft revealed not only the November 21st release date, but also detailed surrounded the DEDSEC_Edition of the game as well. We've included details below of what you can expect." - Velox

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delicia1785d ago

This article lists what's already in the image. Why??

violents1785d ago

what are the augmented reality cards for? And don't say to augment reality.

MrDead1785d ago

they might be used with the Eye Toy and Kinect

violents1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

well that's kind of a given, I assumed that much. I just don't know what they would use them for. I can understand the ones for the vita because your holding it. however for a console it seems weird, are they going to have living room floor gameplay? That would be kinda cool. Or is it going to be some lame AR statue like they did with Resistance for the vita?

Root1785d ago

Kind of silly to add something so...un appealing

I'd rather have something else like more DLC or a smaller replica of something

Hell they should of included a bundle of this edition and the Vigilante eiditon

MrDead1785d ago

They could use them like the wonderbook where you can interact with objects, maybe the in game map or the phone the character uses

KillrateOmega1785d ago

Yeah. The Vigilante Edition looks WAAAYYYY more appealing than the Dedsec Edition. That mask and cap look sweet :)

bunfighterii1785d ago

I'm just going to hold out for the PS4 version.