Beyond: Two Souls - Another Interactive Movie

Mobile & Apps: "A new game coming out for PlayStation 3, called Beyond Two Souls, looks impressive, it looks fun, and seems to have a solid story. So what could the problem? Why am I having second thoughts about this title?"

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MariaHelFutura1821d ago

This game looks great. It looks very similar to Indigo Prophecy, which is all good by me. As great as Heavy Rain was, I liked the overall vibe of Indigo more.

Hellsvacancy1821d ago

I cant really argue with his opinion, its his opinion, my opinion is hes a moron and is going to miss out on a great experience

CGI-Quality1821d ago

Yep, pointless to debate with folks who've already made up their minds. Always funny to read the same people bitchin' and moanin' about "rehashed CoDs", though.

Like you, I know what to expect from QD, which usually transltes into an unforgettable GAMING experience.

grifter0241821d ago

I was going to write my own comment but you hit the nail on the head. This comment alone shows that the author has no idea what he is talking about and is just trying to make an argument on this game.

" If you're a person who is new to any particular gaming system, you will have problems with a QTE game; these developers haven't thought about that one bit. "

Who in their right mind doesn't know how to play the ps3? Hell the damn controller dates back to the ps2 even the ps1 for that matter.

An the new console doesn't hold water, the game is coming out real close to the ps4 so new buyers would get that instead of a ps3.

This is one of the only games I'm getting on the ps3 this year. The other being Last of Us.

kneon1821d ago


That was such a moronic argument that I'm surprised the author has the brain cells to write an entire article.

What makes QTE's so much more difficult for someone new to a system? Does someone pick up a new controller on a new system load up an FPS and suddenly know exactly which button is fire, reload, sprint, grenade etc?

In fact QTEs are easier for noobs because they actually tell you what button to press.

JoGam1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

smh. At the end of the day, its a game. A AWESOME game I might add. Some people need to be reminded that games come in very different shapes and sizes. Just because the R1 button isn't used to shoot a gun or the right analog stick isn't for controlling the character doesn't mean it's not a game. Some people need to get their ass off these shooters for once and realize the assortment of games that are available to us the gamers. Games like Flow, PixelJunk Eden, or Flower. These are games that steps out of whats seen as normal however at the end of the day, its just a game. Well guess what? Beyond Two Souls is no different. Its a game that does everything different that people see as normal and pull off a amazing job at it too. Its like Music. Some people who like R&B may think Medal isn't Music. But guess what, It is. Please people expand your mind and enjoy games for how it was made, designed, and supposed to be played. Day one purchase from me. Good Day!

RonRico1821d ago

Walking Dead was basically an interactive movie and was awesome.

NYC_Gamer1821d ago

QD makes quality games that offer nice story telling and player event prompts..It's very understandable that some people just aren't into the movie like experience that QD offer and that's fine.

izumo_lee1821d ago

I do not get why are some people hating on this game just cause it is different than other games. There is nothing wrong with a game like this & if one does not like these kinds of games than simply do not play it.

I find games like this & Heavy Rain refreshing in an industry overwhelmed with shooters & over excessive violence. Sometimes we need games that are more about the story & the journey the characters take. A game that focuses on the narrative that makes the player think about more than just about the game.

_QQ_1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

These guys are in the right to label it an interactive movie and not a game. Because essentially that's what is. plus the experienceyou described i can get from a 10$ book or 15$ movie

Thatguy-3101821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

But there is a level of interactivity that YOU control. The other mediums don't offer that. For example Heavy Rain ranged from different choices that brought different out comes. At the end of the day whether people like it or not there is a market for these type of games. The ones that rely heavily on narrative and people like myself enjoy it. My first play through with Heavy Rain was a great experience that will stay in my memory and to me it was worth the 60$. Beyond Two Souls looks to follow the same foot steps so I'm psyched for it.

OrbitalBT1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

As far as interaction goes even the control portions of the game are still predetermined. an in game move and zoom able camera would add more interaction.

claterz1821d ago

So when you go see a movie or read a book, you are in control of the main characters decisions which will effect the entire plot of the story?

This isn't just like any other game where if you get something "wrong" you can just restart from the last checkpoint, you have to pay the consequences for the decisions you make. For me this makes it a more immersive experience than most other games, even if there isn't as much variety in terms of gameplay. If you played Heavy Rain you would know what I mean.

They say this game is an interactive movie, and yet every other game has the player go through the game and experience a story which is exactly the same for everyone who plays it, that sounds more like a movie to me.

BitbyDeath1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

The "interactive movie" genre is far less repetitive in gameplay over the shooter genre.

In shooters all you do is move, duck, jump, reload, aim, and shoot.
Interactive movies you could be doing literally anything.

1821d ago
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